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From Kip Hampton <khamp...@totalcinema.com>
Subject Re: AxKit2 Strawman
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 03:07:47 GMT
Tom Schindl wrote:
> Hi Kip,
> I admit I like the idea of using MP2 filters. I haven't really looked at 
> your code but what do you think we would gain when using filters for the 
> pipeline model? How does this go together with the concept of changing 
> the pipeline model?

It doesn't really effect it all that much. What changes is that AxKit 
would use an interface MP2's pipeline, rather than by creating its own 
pipeline internally (which would seem redundant given that MP2 gives us 
one for free).

> My personal view of AxKit2 looks like the following:
> * AxKit2 is a input/output filter handler
> * AxKit2-Input-Filter-Engine (=AxKit1 Plugins) is *one* Input-Filter
> * AxKit2-Output-Filter-Engine (=AxKit1 Processors) is *one*
>   Output-Filter
> * AxKit2-Output-Transformers(=AxAddOutputTransformer) adds
>   Output-Filters

All of these can be encapsulated in a single filter (that "wedges" in 
the other filters-- first the Plugins, then the Languages, the the 
OutputTransformers). Why have 3 when 1 works just as well?

> I don't see any big advantage to design the axkit-pipeline as 
> input/output filters. 

The primary benefit isn't for AxKit users, but for others with simpler 
setups that might want XSLT or XPathScript transformations but for whom 
a full-blown AxKit would be overkill. Think of it as a sort of a 
middle-step to bring in new users.

> Another big advantage when AxKit2 is a mp2-filter 
> is that the response handler could be any PerlResponse-handler which 
> would at least contradict somehow the importance of XSP, doesn't it?

Some people Like XSP, others would rather be shaved, smothered in 
pancake syrup and tied to an anthill rather that use it or any other *SP 
technology. By not forcing people to learn XSP, or custom application 
Providers, we lower the barrier to AxKit's potential adoption... people 
can generate the content any way that they know and are fast/comfortable 
with, and can still have AxKit's built-in style/media-choosing 
capabilities and other features while transforming that content for 
delivery. Seems like a big "win" to me.


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