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From Tom Schindl <tomAtLi...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: AxKit2 Strawman
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 17:41:45 GMT
Hi Kip,

I admit I like the idea of using MP2 filters. I haven't really looked at 
your code but what do you think we would gain when using filters for the 
pipeline model? How does this go together with the concept of changing 
the pipeline model?

My personal view of AxKit2 looks like the following:
* AxKit2 is a input/output filter handler
* AxKit2-Input-Filter-Engine (=AxKit1 Plugins) is *one* Input-Filter
* AxKit2-Output-Filter-Engine (=AxKit1 Processors) is *one*
* AxKit2-Output-Transformers(=AxAddOutputTransformer) adds

I don't see any big advantage to design the axkit-pipeline as 
input/output filters. Another big advantage when AxKit2 is a mp2-filter 
is that the response handler could be any PerlResponse-handler which 
would at least contradict somehow the importance of XSP, doesn't it?


Kip Hampton wrote:
> Howdy,
> Find attached a first cut (incomplete in many ways) for what I think an 
> AxKit2 base might look like. The ideas I was seeking to prove/disprove are:
> * AxKit can be implemented a modperl2 Filter
> * AxKit1's internal pipeline can be replaced by a direct interface to 
> MP2's new pipeline.
> * Given #2, AxKit plugins and language modules are really just modperl2 
> filters that are added dynamically by the main AxKit2 Filter.
> Thoughts, ideas, comments, flames, etc. are most welcome.
> -kip

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