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From Chris Prather <ch...@prather.org>
Subject Re: AxKit2 Strawman
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 00:21:21 GMT
On Tuesday 18 May 2004 12:41 pm, Tom Schindl wrote:
> Hi Kip,
> I admit I like the idea of using MP2 filters. I haven't really looked at
> your code but what do you think we would gain when using filters for the
> pipeline model? How does this go together with the concept of changing
> the pipeline model?
> My personal view of AxKit2 looks like the following:
> * AxKit2 is a input/output filter handler
> * AxKit2-Input-Filter-Engine (=AxKit1 Plugins) is *one* Input-Filter
> * AxKit2-Output-Filter-Engine (=AxKit1 Processors) is *one*
>    Output-Filter
> * AxKit2-Output-Transformers(=AxAddOutputTransformer) adds
>    Output-Filters
> I don't see any big advantage to design the axkit-pipeline as
> input/output filters. Another big advantage when AxKit2 is a mp2-filter
> is that the response handler could be any PerlResponse-handler which
> would at least contradict somehow the importance of XSP, doesn't it?

Actually I don't see that at all. Rather I think it puts XSP where it belongs, 
one of many choices in generating XML for the pipleine. With AxKit as an MP2 
filter it can take XML from (potentially) any response handler and feed it 
through the transformation pipeline and spit it out. With all the 
AxKitty-goodness we have now. 

By making AxKit-Language moduels into MP2 filters, it means that you can just 
use AxKit::Language::XPathScript when that's all you really need and you 
don't want the stylechoosers and whatnot. You can setup a 'static' mini-axkit 
pipeline.  And you can feed it all into any output filter that will work on 
the end of a MP2 filter chain.

But what I find MP2 really brings to the table on this is the fact that the 
pipeline need not be entirely Perl base. Meaning you can generate XML with 
mod_php, transform it with AxKit::Language::Sablot and output it with 
mod_gzip. Tell me that isn't a nice thought when you're given a legacy PHP 
website and told that you now need to target not only HTML, but PDF and RSS 
as well.


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