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From Michael A Nachbaur <m...@nachbaur.com>
Subject Patch: Custom XML Catalogs
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 16:43:01 GMT
I worked up this patch to allow a user to add custom XML catalogs to AxKit, so 
custom URIs, DTDs and other such fun items can be utilized within an AxKit 

I've implemented this as "AxXMLCatalog <filename>", but I don't feel 
comfortable about adding YA Apache directive.  What do you all think?  It 
would function just as well if it was a dir_config directive.

This isn't a very important addition, because not many people use catalogs.  I 
personally have found them useful while playing around with DocBook, and felt 
it could be extended to some of my other webapps, so I can define paths, DTDs 
and so forth in a common and central config file.

Michael A. Nachbaur <mike@nachbaur.com>

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