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From Kip Hampton <khamp...@totalcinema.com>
Subject Re: Wake-Up Call
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 14:42:24 GMT
Mike Chamberlain wrote:

> I like the idea of having a Pumpkin, I think the problem we've been 
> having recently is no one has been wanting to take charge, and at
> other times too many people want to run the show / have conflicting
> ideas and there isn't anyone who is willing to act as a chairman to
> get a decision made. - As can been seen from the hiatus on the dev
> work I was doing on the pipeline / apache2.

Yes, exactly. And the power stays balanced because the committers as a
group selected the pumpkin in the first place by approving their
proposed release plan. Actually, there are lots of potential benefits,
IMO-- we have a clear plan to follow, there's a shepherd to push or
reign-in as needed, and we can give users a clear(er) idea about what
changes to expect and when to expect them.

> I'd also like to see more use of the -dev list to discuss ideas. IRC
> is all well and good, but it doesn't leave any records for anyone
> else to see or comment on.

I agree. IRC has its place, but once an idea goes past the "watercooler
talk" stage, we should really drag it out into the light, where the
archives can capture the discussion. Note too that the the use of a
STATUS file should help in this regard, as well.


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