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From Chris Prather <ch...@prather.org>
Subject Re: Wake-Up Call
Date Sun, 25 Apr 2004 20:15:27 GMT
On Tuesday 20 April 2004 19:38, Kip Hampton wrote:
> Matt Sergeant wrote:
> >> Chris reports progress to the AxKit PMC at the (newly instituted)
> >> bi-weekly dev meetings.
> >>
> >> When the items on Chris' RP are knocked down and released, the process
> >> starts over.
> >
> > This seems like the Pumpking is also going to be the main developer on
> > the release.
> Not necessarily, and there's nothing in or about the RM's mandate that
> makes it so. I only presented it from that angle because I couldn't
> imagine submitting a release plan that I wasn't also prepared to
> implement in full myself if that's what it took to see it though to the
> end.

Even if the chosen Pumpking wasn't coditng the whole release alone, he would 
be responsible for making sure that the patches were submitted, reviewed, and 
checked in against the dev branch for that release. So even with a more 
cheerleader style Pumpking reign the language use is still applicable.

> In any case, the Pumpking is answerable to the PMC and is expected show
> forward progress at the bi-weekly dev. meetings so there's already a
> poker's poker in place.

Well and the entire reason someone volunteers is because they have an itched 
that needs to be scratched. I can't imagine someone taking on that position 
without alot of motivation to get a release out.

Also note that sometimes Pumpkings can come in simply to keep progress moving, 
by taking a smaller list of low hanging fruit patches and bundling them 
together to cause a release. This keeps project momentum in times when larger 
changes don't have a champion with enough time to govern them through the 

> That said, if it truly looks like the RM will be forced to do too much,
> then, realistically, no one will volunteer (and that would be a bad
> thing). Did you have other ideas about spreading the responsibility around?

I can't see how in the great group of users that AxKit has that nobody will 
lack the desire to volunteer. If a Pumpking drops off the face of the earth, 
and nobody else wants to take over their Release plan, wouldn't it be fairly 
simple to say "Well Chris is dead and he didn't finish his plan we'll leave 
them as TODOs anybody want to take over? No? Damn. Well what about a new 
release plan incorporating the stuff Chris finished? Good, go for it Timmy".


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