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From Christian Jaeger <christian.jae...@ethlife.ethz.ch>
Subject Exception handling
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 20:48:23 GMT

(Is axkit-devel the right place for discussing this? I've been 
unsubscribed for about half a year so don't know the current state on 
this list.)

The exception handler code (for using error stylesheets) in axkit has 
two deficiencies:

1) exceptions thrown before main_handler (fast_handler or handler) 
are not catched. This means that for example if an xml file has 
inproper encoding, the resulting LibXML exception is not converted 
and leads to the normal "internal server error", with the exception 
message only written to the log.

2) exceptions not belonging to a class known to axkit are not formatted either.

The attached patch solves both problems. It's certainly in an 
unfinished state, but I need feedback, I can't find out all those 
many peculiar details myself.

General idea:
- wrap the code in both fast_handler and handler into an eval, and 
then process the $@, if needed. Thus I've removed the whole exception 
decision tree from main_handler and put it into a new subroutine 

One thing I've just realized: I've uncommented the local 
$SIG{__DIE__} stuff, since it looked like it was just disturbing and 
needless since I'm formatting classless exceptions myself anyway now. 
But I've now realized that prolly the __DIE__ stuff is useful *for 
getting (even structured) backtraces* of all exceptions. So this 
should go back of course.

- One remaining problem is that of wrongly encoded strings: since I 
don't (and can't) know what the exception contents are encoded in, I 
now simply remove all 8bit chars. Maybe a function trying to find out 
the encoding with some best guesses would be useful, dunno if that 
already exists somewhere.

- The "<error><msg>...</msg></error>" string I first tried just 
didn't want to be formatted. I've always got 
"<html><body></body></html>" in the browser, while my stylesheet 
really asks for a stylesheet that *can't* output that string!. so ?? 
from my part, and I just output html directly. Well, $p->print 
does'nt do it's duty either, (im not a mod_perl hacker), thus the 
strange custom_response stuff.

Thanks for feedback and cheers
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