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From Michael Chamberlain <michael.chamberl...@btinternet.com>
Subject Re: Send-Ahead
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 21:20:31 GMT
> I was about to say that send-ahead should be the default since it 
> makes a site seem more responsive but there's the issue of last steps 
> not setting the mime-type themselves but instead relying on a previous 
> step. This is never the case in XSLT (or is it?) but could be in other 
> situations.

The last xslt stylesheet is asked for it's output_encoding() when you 
transform to a string.
Since it might be html that comes out, by definition it must be the 
last xml based transformation step.

But you could have say the pdf transform following something like that.

For things like xslt and pdf, we can ask in advance the pipeline what 
it's output is going to be,
for something like xsp/xpantscript as the last thing, it's probably 
less definable. In which case
the correct thing to do would be disable send ahead in those situations.

> So the question is, are those "other situations" worth taking into 
> consideration (I can't find a compelling use case) and even if they 
> are, could we still make send-ahead the default, and document that you 
> have to turn it off (or provide a dummy last step) if you want an 
> earlier bit of the pipeline to set the mime-type?

we can make it a pipeline option or a notes setting it checks. Send 
ahead is really going to be a sax
thing, we can send some headers for dom stuff, but not many.

PS: Considering this would have to be on top of the pipeline stuff, do 
we want to reconsider not commiting
it into axkit1? or is this still aimed at axkit2.

PPS: If it's axkit2 can someone who knows how do some magic branch 
stuff on the cvs tree so I can
commit stuff there. (or tell me what I need to do).


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