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From Sean McMurray <smcmur...@cpan.org>
Subject ContentProvider invoked twice per request
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 22:26:20 GMT
I've noticed that perl CGI scripts that are executed through the 
Apache::AxKit::Provider::CGI ContentProvider don't have access to the 
query string params. Using CGI, etc. returns blank.

So I figured I would capture them in the Provider, and pass them into 
the CGI script.

While implementing this, I found that the get_strref() sub in my 
Provider is getting called twice. The first time through, $self is an 
Apache object, and the params get passed into the CGI script just right. 
The second time through, $self is an AxKit::Apache object, and things 
break down.

Why is it called twice? That seems very inefficient. And why is it a 
different class each time? What have I missed?

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