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From Jörg Walter <jwalt-ax...@garni.ch>
Subject Re: Send-Ahead
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 22:22:07 GMT
On Sunday, 05. October 2003 21:01, Robin Berjon wrote:

> I was about to say that send-ahead should be the default since it makes a
> site seem more responsive but there's the issue of last steps not setting
> the mime-type themselves but instead relying on a previous step. This is
> never the case in XSLT (or is it?) but could be in other situations.
> So the question is, are those "other situations" worth taking into
> consideration (I can't find a compelling use case) and even if they are,
> could we still make send-ahead the default, and document that you have to
> turn it off (or provide a dummy last step) if you want an earlier bit of
> the pipeline to set the mime-type?

Yes they are, very much so - think about redirects. You can't do a redirect 
from XSP when your final provider already sent the 200 OK + headers. One 
thing I can imagine is a processor flag, like "sub deny_sendahead", which 
would return true if there is a reason not to sendahead. An XSP page would 
return true if the XSP contains a <web:redirect/> tag, for example. (The XSP 
source is available and could be parsed before the pipeline is run, so this 
is possible.) The last provider would then do "if 
(!$self->upstream->deny_sendahead()) { ... }"

OTOH, Content types set by earlier language modules are something we shouldn't 
support, IMHO. AxKit is an XML transformation framework, not a generic data 
transformation framework, so having anything but text/xml in any step but the 
last looks pointless to me (and asking for trouble - think encodings, UTF-8, 
binary data, ...).


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