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From Michael Chamberlain <michael.chamberl...@btinternet.com>
Subject Re: Smoke Report: Build Success
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:12:26 GMT

On Sunday, August 31, 2003, at 05:13  pm, Matt Sergeant wrote:

> On Sunday, 31 August 2003, at 14:38, Michael Chamberlain wrote:
>> Hmm, I'm guess that the box that the smoke test is running on
>> needs to be updated in some way to pick up the changed tests.
>> since the number of tests it's running has dropped.
> Your fault. You removed a bunch of tests. Can you put them back?

I didn't remove them, I replaced them with equivalent Apache-Test 
only tests. I wanted to have identical sets of tests under apache1 and 
the problem was that the require(module) tests fail for Apache::Request 
on apache2
because that module (currently) won't load from the command line - it 
gives undefined
symbols - which I gather from stas are symbols it would find in apache 

The solution was to replace those command line tests with the 
Apache-Test tests under


These are response only tests, which should mean that Apache-Test will 
auto generate
the config files and client side tests (hence why there is no .t files).

When the Makefile (or make test) is run, it should generate

t/axkit/ with the corresponding .t files.

All the tests should therefore still exist.

Though I've just released I've not updated the MANIFEST file (fixing 
now) with the new files,
would that have effected the smoke report?


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