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From Jörg Walter <ehrl...@ich.bin.kein.hoschi.de>
Subject Re: XSP caching
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 16:38:13 GMT
On Friday, 07. March 2003 17:27, Pavel Penchev wrote:

> 2) The namespace info should be shared between apache processes - is shared
> memory and option? Will it break the current architecture? If it is a
> problem a flat file (Apache::Session like) can be used.

Shared mem is an option, but a nonportable option. Moreover, file access is 
intelligently cached on today's Unices, so file access (using mmap() on 
systems that have it) is as good. In fact, some selfmade benchmarking of 
mmap() and sysv-shmem showed that sysv-shmem is a lot slower on linux. I'd 
look on CPAN for some existing module in this direction, I bet there is one.


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