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From "Pavel Penchev" <pa...@tkzs.org>
Subject XSP caching
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 16:27:39 GMT
Hi list,

This is my first post here so I hope it is suits.

I have a question about caching. I know that currently XSP pages are not
cached but the perl code generated from the XSP is executed every time. I'd
like to create a cache module that takes care for the caching of XSP pages
on some context basis. For example I'd like my XSP pages to be cached (not
processed) if the UserAgent, QueryString are the same.

I know this raises a lot of issues:
1) How cache will be updated - there will be a <cache:invalidate/> tag that
will invalidate the cache for a certain namespace. With namespace I mean
that the cache will be namespace organized i.e. I have a news namespace and
if <news:update/> updates some news, then it should call
<cache:invalidate/>. This marks that all XSP pages that use the "news"
namespace should update their cache (shoud execute once and write to the

2) The namespace info should be shared between apache processes - is shared
memory and option? Will it break the current architecture? If it is a
problem a flat file (Apache::Session like) can be used.

Some of my assumptions and suggestions might seem naive to you but I beleive
is is a good idea to have cached XSP's. It will certainly make a performace
On my PC I get 150 hits/sec on a  XML/XSLT file and 18 hits/sec on an XSP

Have you tried something like this? Is there some known issue that will
prevent any attempt to do this?


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