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From Matthew Smith <gro...@gil.com.au>
Subject redirecting in PerForm submits
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2002 03:25:49 GMT
Hi all

I had trouble with PerForm when using SSL because the redirect out of 
the submit callback kept trying to go back to 'http:' from the
secure (https) part of my site.  

This only happens with relative links and I think it may be also because 
I am running as which seems to make WebUtils (which handles the 
redirection) think I'm
going through a proxy.  I'm not sure what happens if I had a real host name.

Anyway, I added a new attribute to the webutils taglib to allow a port 
to be specified without having to specify a host name.

Then I modified PerForm taglib to allow some redirect params to be read 
from $ctxt->{'redirect'}.

This allows me to put the following in my callback:
  $ctxt->{'redirect'}{'secure'} = 'yes';
  return qq|issue.xsp?file=$xmlfile|;

Patches attached.  


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