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jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1750: Support Map Type in CSV IDF Mon, 01 Dec, 23:24
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1819: Support Enum in CSVIDF ( + add unit tests) Tue, 02 Dec, 01:39
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1777: Sqoop2: Add integration tests to Pre-Commit build Tue, 02 Dec, 18:04
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1823: Sqoop2: Fix Derby schema javadocs Tue, 02 Dec, 22:48
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1830: GenericJdBcExtractor does not create java date objects when extracting Wed, 03 Dec, 18:35
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1843: Sqoop2: Fix timestamp type casting Thu, 04 Dec, 02:45
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1843: Sqoop2: Fix anonymous configuration bug Thu, 04 Dec, 02:48
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1815: Sqoop2: Date and DateTime is not encoded in Single Quotes Thu, 04 Dec, 07:56
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1812: Sqoop2: Repository upgrade issue will prevent server startup Thu, 04 Dec, 08:18
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1827: Sqoop2: Add pattern SQOOP-XYZ-vX.patch to our pre-commit hook Thu, 04 Dec, 08:21
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1833: Sqoop2: Add elapsed time information to pre-commit hook Thu, 04 Dec, 08:29
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1831: Sqoop2: Log filenames of detected Mapreduce files in HdfsUtils Thu, 04 Dec, 08:30
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1765: Sqoop2: Time/Timestamp format support for CSV IDF Thu, 04 Dec, 21:32
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1817: Sqoop2: Update CSVIntermediate BIT data type Sat, 06 Dec, 00:03
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1847: Sqoop2: Move rat configuration from special execution to the main execution Sat, 06 Dec, 00:19
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1846: Sqoop2: Update CSVIntermediateFormat DateTime tests to use modified ISO-8601 format Sat, 06 Dec, 01:16
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1844: Sqoop2: Start Derby server in DerbyProvider on random port Sat, 06 Dec, 02:07
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1840: Sqoop2: Guard test DerbyProvider from infinite waits in Derby implementation Mon, 08 Dec, 05:50
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1832: Sqoop2: Enforce that integration test working directory is always in target/ directory Mon, 08 Dec, 05:53
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1837: Sqoop2: Verify that executing job has been successful in ConnectorTestCase Mon, 08 Dec, 17:14
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1850: Sqoop2: DerbyProvider retry ping Mon, 08 Dec, 17:26
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1845: Sqoop2: Make DateTime Column type support datetime with and without timezone Mon, 08 Dec, 23:47
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1811: Sqoop2: Change IDF *TextData to *CSVTextData Wed, 10 Dec, 18:30
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1874: Sqoop2: ConfigurableError should be in the configurable package Thu, 11 Dec, 04:20
venkatran...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1678: Sqoop2: [HDFS Connector] Configurable null values Thu, 11 Dec, 04:50
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1839: Sqoop2: Mapreduce submission record should propogate failure info as well Thu, 11 Dec, 08:31
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1852: Sqoop2: Kafka connector supporting TO direction Fri, 12 Dec, 04:41
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1858: Sqoop2: Print out warnings from git apply on output of precommit hook Fri, 12 Dec, 04:44
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1857: Sqoop2: Add rat check to pre-commit hook Fri, 12 Dec, 04:46
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1825: Sqoop2: Handle NULLs for all types in CSV Intermediate Data Format Fri, 12 Dec, 17:52
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1885: Sqoop2: KafkaConnector pom.xml needs license header Fri, 12 Dec, 17:58
a..@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1813: Sqoop2: Add SqoopIDFUtils class and unit tests Sat, 13 Dec, 02:30
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1757: Sqoop2: Document generic jdbc connector Sat, 13 Dec, 15:56
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1861: Sqoop2: ResourceRequest clobbers uncaught server exceptions Sat, 13 Dec, 16:40
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1893: add license header to TestSqoopIDFUtils Sat, 13 Dec, 19:40
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1872: IDF API should expose a method to add dependent jars Sat, 13 Dec, 22:29
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1896: Upgrade the Derby repo version to 5 for 1.99.5 release Sun, 14 Dec, 16:05
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1882: JobManager currently ignores the TO connector IDF and assumed all IDF use String for the generic T Sun, 14 Dec, 20:40
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1899: Minor change to CSVIDF to use Set instead of Lists Mon, 15 Dec, 06:42
jar...@apache.org sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1898: Change the API of getJars to use SET than LIST to avoid duplicate jars Mon, 15 Dec, 16:29
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