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cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-803: Add gpg profile to pom file so that we can easily deploy artifacts to mvn repository Fri, 04 Jan, 10:06
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-804: Warn if hive special arguments will be used without --hive-import Fri, 04 Jan, 10:28
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-805: Document show option function in CommandClientGuide Fri, 04 Jan, 10:35
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-678: Add counters handling to map reduce submission engine Fri, 04 Jan, 10:50
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-682: Use templating in job.etl classes Fri, 04 Jan, 10:59
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-808: SQLExceptions From Batched Exports Aren't Very Helpful Sun, 06 Jan, 10:31
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-811: Client shell variable substitution for recent commands Sun, 06 Jan, 18:23
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-820: Escape table name in export job only if it's required by connector Tue, 08 Jan, 18:08
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-818: Missing method setConnManager(Lcom/cloudera/sqoop/manager/ConnManager; )V in ExportJobContContext breaks MS SQL Connector Tue, 08 Jan, 18:16
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-821: Hadoop has changed logic for job id in LocalJobRunner that breaks Lob* tests Wed, 09 Jan, 19:37
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-822: Git repository revision is not fetched Wed, 09 Jan, 19:53
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-807: Verify whether job object can be safely removed prior removing Wed, 09 Jan, 20:22
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-806: Put "creation" and "lastUpdate" date to Connection and Job objects Wed, 09 Jan, 20:48
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-809: Remove old deprecated comments from distribution pom file Thu, 10 Jan, 15:54
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-825: Warning for incorrect usage of hive parameters is not checking HIVE_HOME correctly Thu, 10 Jan, 16:08
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-796: Unable to use new Hadoop environment variables Thu, 10 Jan, 17:01
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-829: Error Messages For --map-column-java Should Be More Useful Tue, 15 Jan, 12:27
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-831: Unit test for common module Thu, 17 Jan, 09:50
abhij...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-824: Sqoop code generation in 'update' export mode incompatible with '--columns' option (Jarek Jarcec Cecho via Abhijeet Gaikwad) Sun, 20 Jan, 15:31
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-833: add *.eml "ant eclipse" (IntelliJ import) generated file, to .gitignore Tue, 22 Jan, 17:53
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-833: add *.eml "ant eclipse" (IntelliJ import) generated file, to .gitignore Tue, 22 Jan, 17:56
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-835: Do not recreate package-info.java each compilation Tue, 22 Jan, 18:03
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-749: Exports Using Stored Procedures (Functions) Tue, 22 Jan, 20:25
cheol...@apache.org [1/2] git commit: SQOOP-814: Start using configuration objects in Generic JDBC Connector Wed, 23 Jan, 00:29
cheol...@apache.org [2/2] git commit: SQOOP-815: Get version for client requires working connection to server Wed, 23 Jan, 00:29
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-826: Add log4j test configuration to all maven modules Wed, 23 Jan, 00:38
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-812: Serialization of Configuration objects to and from json is not working properly Wed, 23 Jan, 00:45
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-813: LoaderExecutor might get into deadlock when exception is raised outside Loader itself Wed, 23 Jan, 00:51
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-643: Implement simple listings for connector and job objects rek Wed, 23 Jan, 01:36
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-840: Inconsistent java generics declaration for exportwriter classes Wed, 23 Jan, 17:45
cheol...@apache.org [2/2] git commit: SQOOP-843: Generic JDBC connector is committing transaction on export with autoCommit on Wed, 30 Jan, 23:24
cheol...@apache.org [1/2] git commit: SQOOP-842: Put partition to template in Extractor as well Wed, 30 Jan, 23:24
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-841: Remove final keyword from manager classes Wed, 30 Jan, 23:44
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-852: Mapreduce submission engine is not closing opened JobClient object Wed, 30 Jan, 23:48
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-854: Return value of pg_bulkload utility is being ignored Wed, 30 Jan, 23:56
cheol...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-855: pg_bulkload: NullPointerException will be thrown if user specified invalid path the binary Thu, 31 Jan, 01:11
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-830: HBase import formatting BigDecimal inconsistently Thu, 31 Jan, 17:27
cheol...@apache.org [3/3] git commit: SQOOP-845: Improve Generic JDBC validator Thu, 31 Jan, 17:48
cheol...@apache.org [1/3] git commit: SQOOP-850: Move server initialization from server module to core Thu, 31 Jan, 17:48
cheol...@apache.org [2/3] git commit: SQOOP-851: NullPointerException in Mapreduce Submission engine initialization Thu, 31 Jan, 17:48
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