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Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Created] (SIS-501) Store GIT SHA1 in META-INF Tue, 27 Oct, 15:41 svn commit: r1067298 - in /websites/staging/sis/trunk/content: ./ openoffice/en/ openoffice/fr/ release-notes/ tables/ Thu, 29 Oct, 13:06 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (bc38cbf -> 46bf0ac) Thu, 01 Oct, 21:55 [sis] 01/03: Remove `sourceMedian` argument in `WraparoundTransform.create(…)` method. Thu, 01 Oct, 21:55 [sis] 02/03: Do not round the median value in `WraparoundTransform`. Callers should round themselves if desired. Thu, 01 Oct, 21:55 [sis] 03/03: Better separation of work by moving some methods in `WraparoundApplicator`. Move `WraparoundTransform.transform(…)` method to `WraparoundInEnvelope`. This refactoring allows some simplification and better synchronization. Thu, 01 Oct, 21:55 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (46bf0ac -> ba4ad90) Fri, 02 Oct, 19:09 [sis] 01/03: Move `WraparoundTransform` to public package. Fri, 02 Oct, 19:09 [sis] 02/03: Slightly more efficient way to get wraparound step in a chain of transforms. Fri, 02 Oct, 19:09 [sis] 03/03: Better control on when wraparound is applied. Fri, 02 Oct, 19:09 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Implement `WraparoundTransform.inverse()`. It will allow us to apply a safer strategy for handling wraparounds in next commits. Remove `WraparoundTransform.CACHE` because the new `sourceMedian` field reduces the probability that a cached value can be used. Sat, 03 Oct, 16:39 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (2d3e45f -> 579bc7e) Mon, 05 Oct, 11:04 [sis] 01/04: Avoid potentially costly calls to `MathTransform.inverse()`. Mon, 05 Oct, 11:04 [sis] 02/04: Move the `intersect` method close to `union` method, remove `public` modifier on constructors of package-privated classes and edit some comments. There is no significant code change in this commit. Mon, 05 Oct, 11:04 [sis] 03/04: Build temporary `WraparoundInEnvelope` instances only before to transform an envelope. This change avoid to expose a mutable `MathTransform`, removes the need for synchronization and enable wraparound handling in more situations than only `GridGeometry` operations. Mon, 05 Oct, 11:04 [sis] 04/04: Apply on transformations of `Rectangle2D` objects the same wraparound checks than we did in previous commit for `Envelope` objects. Mon, 05 Oct, 11:04 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Try to enable wraparound handling in JavaFX application and prints more extensive information about `CoverageCanvas` operations. The intent is to debug why the image is not visible when a `GridCoverage` crossing the anti-meridian is resampled. Tue, 06 Oct, 18:18 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (56e596f -> f6deb67) Wed, 07 Oct, 14:55 [sis] 01/03: Make debugging information more compact and more useful. Wed, 07 Oct, 14:55 [sis] 02/03: Fix a longitude wraparound error specific to the UTM projection case. Contains minor documentation changes. Wed, 07 Oct, 14:55 [sis] 03/03: Add a wraparound application which was missing when going from a geographic CRS to a projected CRS. Wed, 07 Oct, 14:55 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Apply wraparound step only if needed in `ResampledImage`. Wed, 07 Oct, 17:57 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Make `MathTransform inverse()` invertible. This is necessary for allowing `WraparoundInEnvelope` to perform more extensive checks during bounding box calculation. Thu, 08 Oct, 10:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (c215ddb -> 0885edc) Fri, 09 Oct, 11:07 [sis] 01/04: Fix broken javadoc links. Fix typographic convention in French resources. Fri, 09 Oct, 11:07 [sis] 02/04: Remove `GridCanvas` experimental class. Fri, 09 Oct, 11:07 [sis] 03/04: Minor performance improvement in `WraparoundTransform.concatenate(…)`. Add a note in documentation about information lost during WKT formatting. Fri, 09 Oct, 11:07 [sis] 04/04: Replace `GridOrientation` enumeration by a more configurable class. Fri, 09 Oct, 11:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add Orthographic projection in the list of projections centered on mouse click. Fri, 09 Oct, 16:55 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (325d23f -> a9cd8bf) Sat, 10 Oct, 14:39 [sis] 01/02: Move `StreamDecoration` to "SQL store" internal package, renamed `StreamWrapper`. We limit the use of those wrappers for now because we do not yet have a mechanism for allowing methods with `Stream` return type to return also some `StreamWrapper`. In current implementation, any call to a method such as `…)` may cause the lost of all optimizations done in `StreamWrapper` subclasses. Sat, 10 Oct, 14:39 [sis] 02/02: Move `SubsetAdapter` to "SQL storage" module, where it is used. Sat, 10 Oct, 14:39 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (a9cd8bf -> bc6ca0f) Tue, 13 Oct, 17:59 [sis] 01/02: Minor improvement in concatenation of two consecutive `WraparoundTransform` instances. Tue, 13 Oct, 17:59 [sis] 02/02: Move `FeatureInfos` to a package where it can be shared by the two implementations. This move allows to use that class also with the decoder based on UCAR library. Tue, 13 Oct, 17:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Make the `FeatureSet` implementation more robust and more generic. This commit prepares `FeatureSet` to support "ordinary" trajectory (without time vector) in addition to moving features. Wed, 14 Oct, 18:41 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Refactoring and slight optimizations: - Move `MovingFeature` as `MovingFeatureBuilder` in the package where it is used. - Retarget `MovingFeature` as a set of static methods (for now). - Renamed `DateList` class and some `FeatureSet` fields. - Share time vectors when possible. - optimization of `PackedVector.equals(…)` and `IntegerList.equals(…)`. Thu, 15 Oct, 16:48 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Share more code between `FeatureSet` and `Grid` regarding axis type inference. Fri, 16 Oct, 18:09 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (7a1fec6 -> 248df22) Mon, 19 Oct, 14:47 [sis] 01/04: Replace loops by placeholders for JDK9 Arrays.equals(…) methods. Fix a wrong PackedVector optimization. Mon, 19 Oct, 14:47 [sis] 02/04: Add support for reading variables of character type. Implies some refactoring for sharing more code between the two reader implementations. Mon, 19 Oct, 14:47 [sis] 03/04: Fix offset and stride calculation in netCDF files having an unlimited dimension. Mon, 19 Oct, 14:47 [sis] 04/04: Add tests on a "Moving Features" file. Mon, 19 Oct, 14:47 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: ` area, int[] subsampling)` support reading character strings in addition of numerical value. This commit required refactoring for allowing more code sharing. Tue, 20 Oct, 17:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (4587f99 -> 9079a67) Tue, 20 Oct, 22:35 [sis] 01/03: Add a `Vector.isSinglePrecision()` method. Tue, 20 Oct, 22:35 [sis] 02/03: The loop converting byte[] to String needs a fallback for encodings where values lower than 128 are not the same than ASCII. Creation of geometry objects in `FeatureSet` needs to take in account the `GeometryType`, and optionally the precision. Tue, 20 Oct, 22:35 [sis] 03/03: Use an EngineeringCRS fallback when a TemporalCRS can not be created because of unknown temporal datum epoch. Tue, 20 Oct, 22:35 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (9079a67 -> bb1e274) Thu, 22 Oct, 14:14 [sis] 01/03: Accept parsing timezone name (e.g. "UTC") in addition of timezone offsets. Add links in javadoc and fix the value shown in an error message. Thu, 22 Oct, 14:14 [sis] 02/03: Add methods or objects needed for completion of `FeatureSet`: Thu, 22 Oct, 14:14 [sis] 03/03: Fix NullPointerException during unmarshalling of legacy ResponsibleParty objects. Thu, 22 Oct, 14:14 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (bb1e274 -> 57dee2c) Fri, 23 Oct, 14:40 [sis] 01/03: When an alert is shown for an error, the dialog box owner should be the application window. It help to keep the dialog on the same screen than the application. Fri, 23 Oct, 14:40 [sis] 02/03: Do not popup more than one alert window if many errors happen in a short time (in current implementation, only the last error is shown). Add scrollbars around the component showing stack trace. Fri, 23 Oct, 14:40 [sis] 03/03: Add a "Open recent file" menu. It saves time when doing many test always on the same data file. Fri, 23 Oct, 14:40 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Hide SIS synthetic feature properties in the tabular view of FeatureSet. Fri, 23 Oct, 17:39 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (16ea3ba -> 1b47d2f) Fri, 23 Oct, 22:23 [sis] 01/02: Add unit of measurements in the FeatureType built from a netCDF file. Fri, 23 Oct, 22:23 [sis] 02/02: Fix recent files ordering. Fri, 23 Oct, 22:23 [sis] branch feat/featureset-subset-abstract updated (f153f69 -> 97e798b) Tue, 27 Oct, 14:42 [sis] 01/01: FeatureSet : support simple query using a property unknowned by the feature type Tue, 27 Oct, 14:42 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (1b47d2f -> bc9df39) Tue, 27 Oct, 14:45 [sis] 01/02: Report JavaFX version. Tue, 27 Oct, 14:45 [sis] 02/02: `FeatureSet` use `CRSBuilder` for constructing an horizontal and temporal CRS from the variables. The temporal CRS allows construction of the "datetimes" characteristics on the "trajectory" property. Tue, 27 Oct, 14:45 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (bc9df39 -> fa1e45b) Wed, 28 Oct, 13:46 [sis] 01/02: Force the use of `Vector` (i.e. make sure that we don't get a `List<String>`) when reading coordinate variables. If the variable contains texts, those texts will be parsed as numbers. Wed, 28 Oct, 13:46 [sis] 02/02: Share the same code for enumeration support between `RasterResource` et `FeatureSet`. Wed, 28 Oct, 13:46 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Update HTML links to EPSG registry, OGC standards and others. Thu, 29 Oct, 13:04 svn commit: r1882967 - in /sis/site/trunk: book/en/annexes/geoapi/ book/en/introduction/ book/en/referencing/ book/en/storage/ book/fr/annexes/geoapi/ book/fr/introduction/ book/fr/referencing/ book/fr/storage/ content/ content/openoffice/en/ content/o... Thu, 29 Oct, 13:06 [sis] branch feat/featureset-subset-abstract created (now f153f69) Mon, 19 Oct, 12:09 [sis] 01/01: FeatureSet : support simple query using a property unknowned by the feature type Mon, 19 Oct, 12:09
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