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Message listThread · Author · Date [sis] branch refactor/strict_storage_connector updated: fix(Storage): Fix closing behovior and add unit tests on strict version of storage connector. Fri, 01 May, 18:02 [sis] branch fix/envelope_of_points created (now 90cefc4) Tue, 19 May, 08:30 [sis] 01/01: fix(Core): avoid returning null envelope for points or empty geometries. Tue, 19 May, 08:30 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: fix(Core): avoid returning null envelope for points or empty geometries. Tue, 19 May, 08:56 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: feat(Core): add commodity method to translate grid extents. Tue, 19 May, 10:46 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: fix(Feature): ensure envelope returned by property operation contains a CRS if any is available Thu, 28 May, 17:49 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: lfix(Feature): improve envelope operation to ensure attribute envelopes have a CRS defined if possible Fri, 29 May, 16:05 svn commit: r1877258 - /sis/analysis/README.html Fri, 01 May, 13:15 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (a1f9a65 -> c57e628) Fri, 01 May, 22:59 [sis] 01/04: Use CoverageExplorer instead of GridView inside the ResourceExplorer widget. It allows to leverage more of CoverageExplorer services such as coordinate transformations. Fri, 01 May, 22:59 [sis] 02/04: Prepare the DataViewer window to be the main window for showing data without obligation to create new windows. Remove the "overview" parameter, which has not been implemented and become less relevant after above sentence. Fri, 01 May, 22:59 [sis] 03/04: Add a tab showing the image in the main window. Fri, 01 May, 22:59 [sis] 04/04: Add data controls below the resource explorer. Fri, 01 May, 22:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix various bugs (e.g. NullPointerException) and anomalous behavior when switching between different visualized data. Sat, 02 May, 21:32 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Improve the support of coordinate display when the image shown on screen does not have an affine transform to a known geospatial CRS. This is the case of netCDF files when the coordinates of each pixel is specified in data arrays (localization grid). This work required the addition of CommonCRS.Engineering enumeration with DISPLAY and GRID values, for making easier to detect when we have such grid CRS. For now we use the EngineeringDatum of CommonCRS.Engineering.GRID as a sentinel value fo [...] Sun, 03 May, 23:47 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (19abdd5 -> df4585d) Mon, 04 May, 16:05 [sis] 01/03: Do more work in background thread. Mon, 04 May, 16:05 [sis] 02/03: Consolidation of localized resources by moving some words to the `Vocabulary` class. Mon, 04 May, 16:05 [sis] 03/03: Use "stretching" for the name of operation that fit a color ramp to a given range of values. It seems to be the word used by ESRI. Mon, 04 May, 16:05 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (df4585d -> ed39859) Tue, 05 May, 22:45 [sis] 01/02: Settle the policy regarding ChannelData.reset(). Opportunistic typo fixes. Tue, 05 May, 22:45 [sis] 02/02: Add execution of GeoAPI parameterized transform tests. Tue, 05 May, 22:45 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: The translations applied on "target to source pixel coordinates" transform shall be computed from requested extents, not from global extents. Wed, 06 May, 11:42 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Apply a more uniform way to define and handle RenderedImage properties. Prepare CoverageCanvas to handle resampled GridCoverage by executing image operations in a single Process internal class (for making easier to control the chain of operations). Wed, 06 May, 21:49 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Rename SOURCE_PADDING_KEY in a way more consistent with other properties. Wed, 06 May, 22:03 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix test suite execution. Thu, 07 May, 09:04 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: More robust concatenation of transforms when some steps may be dropping or adding a dimension. Thu, 07 May, 15:21 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (7498ef3 -> 9a757c1) Wed, 13 May, 21:47 [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'feat/javafx-on-11' into geoapi-4.0 with the following amendments: - The previous way using pre-installed JavaFX is kept. - Maven dependencies under "provided" scope and included only if "javafx" profile is activated. - JavaFX dependency upgraded from 13.0.2 to 14.0.1. - License declared in NOTICE file. Wed, 13 May, 21:47 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Remove the javafx-swing, javafx-fxml and javafx-web dependencies. They are not needed by sis-javafx module. Wed, 13 May, 21:58 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add methods in `PixelIterator` for getting and setting data elements (not necessarily the same than pixel values). Thu, 14 May, 10:11 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: First attempt to reproject `RenderedImage` that are slices in a n-dimensional data cube. This commit contains work in two areas: Thu, 14 May, 16:19 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Edit javadoc and complete equals/hashCode implementations. Fri, 15 May, 10:33 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Simplify a little bit the handling of CRS changes in CoverageCanvas. We abandon the "intermediate update" done during coverage loading (GridCoverage changes shown before the RenderedImage was available) because it was confusing for both the user and the developer. Instead the CoverageCanvas content is updated in a "all or nothing" way. Fri, 15 May, 16:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix initial image display, which was sometime partially outside the window. More accurate detection of drag gestures. Fri, 15 May, 22:46 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add an Area Of Interest (AOI) argument in ImageProcessor.prefetch(…). Sat, 16 May, 16:44 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Improve a little bit more the selection of CRS proposed to user (more duplication removal, omit "Computer display CRS"). Sat, 16 May, 22:13 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Allow selection of interpolation method. Mon, 18 May, 11:04 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (0e887fd -> 35f8097) Wed, 27 May, 17:07 [sis] 01/03: Javadoc editions. Move method close to related methods. Share some code. Take in account the variable number of dimensions (2 or pseudo-3) in JTS geometries. Wed, 27 May, 17:07 [sis] 02/03: Allow ResampledGridCoverage to work with grids having more than 2 dimensions. Wed, 27 May, 17:07 [sis] 03/03: Partial debugging of ResampledGridGeometryTest.crs4D_to_crs3D() test case. Wed, 27 May, 17:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Allow `ResampledGridCoverage` to work (under some conditions) even if the coordinate operation can not be reduced to 2 dimensions. Thu, 28 May, 12:10 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (03e05e5 -> 808655c) Thu, 28 May, 14:21 [sis] 01/02: Adjust `testNonSeparableGridToCRS()`. Thu, 28 May, 14:21 [sis] 02/02: Verify that the requested extent intersects the data extent. Thu, 28 May, 14:21 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Test with a `GridExtent` origin located in another place than (0, 0). Thu, 28 May, 16:35 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (6722ec6 -> bc27996) Fri, 29 May, 18:35 [sis] 01/03: Fix a NullPointerException when using directly a `new Formatter()` instance. Fri, 29 May, 18:35 [sis] 02/03: Trivial comments formatting (no code change). Fri, 29 May, 18:35 [sis] 03/03: Better determination of the inverse of an OperationMethod. Fri, 29 May, 18:36 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Better filtering in CoordinateOperationRegistry about whether to extract the horizontal component of a 3D CRS. This change allows ResampledGridCoverageTest.crs4D_to_crs3D() to pass. Sat, 30 May, 16:02 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (658b0e8 -> 4534d17) Sun, 31 May, 22:31 [sis] 01/02: Minor method renaming. Sun, 31 May, 22:31 [sis] 02/02: Use EPSG data for "sis-referencing" tests if the "non-free" profile is explicitly enabled. Sun, 31 May, 22:31 [sis] branch feat/javafx-on-11 updated (e28177a -> c4d3beb) Mon, 04 May, 07:28 [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into feat/javafx-on-11 Mon, 04 May, 07:28 [sis] branch feat/javafx-on-11 updated (c4d3beb -> 3df1a79) Tue, 05 May, 06:41 [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into feat/javafx-on-11 Tue, 05 May, 06:41 [sis] branch feat/javafx-on-11 updated (3df1a79 -> 4c71824) Wed, 06 May, 07:18 [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into feat/javafx-on-11 Wed, 06 May, 07:18 [sis] branch feat/javafx-on-11 updated (4c71824 -> ceb9381) Thu, 07 May, 07:25 [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into feat/javafx-on-11 Thu, 07 May, 07:25 [sis] branch feat/javafx-on-11 updated (ceb9381 -> 7b6698f) Mon, 11 May, 06:51 [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into feat/javafx-on-11 Mon, 11 May, 06:51 [sis] branch feat/javafx-on-11 deleted (was 7b6698f) Thu, 14 May, 12:06 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Query : add linear resolution parameter on SimpleQuery Fri, 15 May, 08:58
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