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Subject svn commit: r1050156 - in /websites/staging/sis/trunk/content: ./ release-notes/0.8.html release-notes/1.0.html
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2019 13:00:23 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Mon Sep 16 13:00:23 2019
New Revision: 1050156

Staging update by buildbot for sis

    websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Mon Sep 16 13:00:23 2019
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/release-notes/0.8.html
--- websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/release-notes/0.8.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/release-notes/0.8.html Mon Sep 16 13:00:23 2019
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
     <table style="border-style: solid; border-width: 1pt; background: lightgray"><tr>
       <td><a href="0.7.html">Previous release</a></td>
-      <td style="padding-left: 9pt">Next release</td>
+      <td style="padding-left: 9pt"><a href="1.0.html">Next release</a></td>
     <h1>SIS 0.8 Release notes</h1>

Added: websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/release-notes/1.0.html
--- websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/release-notes/1.0.html (added)
+++ websites/staging/sis/trunk/content/release-notes/1.0.html Mon Sep 16 13:00:23 2019
@@ -0,0 +1,112 @@
+<!DOCTYPE html>
+<html lang="en">
+  <head>
+    <title>SIS 1.0 Release notes</title>
+    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
+  </head>
+  <body>
+    <table style="border-style: solid; border-width: 1pt; background: lightgray"><tr>
+      <td><a href="0.8.html">Previous release</a></td>
+      <td style="padding-left: 9pt">Next release</td>
+    </tr></table>
+    <h1>SIS 1.0 Release notes</h1>
+<p>Apache SIS 1.0 can marshal and unmarshal metadata in XML documents using the new
ISO 19115-3 standard.
+  The previous ISO 19139 standard is still supported and automatically recognized at unmarshalling
+  This release contains also improvements in reading netCDF files
+  and a beginning of raster support.</p>
+<h2>Incompatible changes</h2>
+<p>The following changes in Apache SIS 1.0 are incompatible with SIS 0.8:</p>
+  <li><b><code>DirectPosition1D.ordinate</code></b> —
the field has been renamed <code><u>co</u>ordinate</code>
+    for consistency with terminology used in ISO 19111 international standard.</li>
+  <li><b><code>DataStore.getOpenParameters()</code></b> —
return type has been changed from <code>ParameterValueGroup</code> to <code>Optional&lt;ParameterValueGroup&gt;</code>.</li>
+  <li><b><code>DataSet.getEnvelope()</code></b> — return
type has been changed from <code>Envelope</code> to <code>Optional&lt;Envelope&gt;</code>.</li>
+  <li><b><code>TransformSeparator</code></b> — behavior
change: if the desired source dimensions were not explicitly specified,
+    then the source dimensions that are not required for producing the desired target dimensions
are automatically trimmed.</li>
+<p>Changes are listed below (non-exhaustive list):</p>
+<h2>New features</h2>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-221</a>]
- Hotine Oblique Mercator (EPSG:9812, 9815)</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-227</a>]
- American Polyconic (EPSG:9818)</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-426</a>]
- Mollweide projection</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-450</a>]
- Sinusoidal projection</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-408</a>]
- Add SpecializableTransform</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-410</a>]
- More stable MathTransform.Inverse serialization</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-412</a>]
- Add a CRS.findOperations(sourceCRS, targetCRS, …) method</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-413</a>]
- Units.PSU should have a scale value of 1/1000</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-424</a>]
- Create Feature instances from a SQL database</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-425</a>]
- Drop package prefixes in table created in &quot;metadata&quot; schema</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-307</a>]
- GSoC: Create the foundation of a module for remote sensing data</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-444</a>]
- GridCoverageResource interface for raster data</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-443</a>]
- Give access to netCDF raster data as GridCoverage</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-454</a>]
- Approximate geodesic path by Bézier curve</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-422</a>]
- Migrate from SVN to Git as the main SIS code repository</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-396</a>]
- Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.4</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-468</a>]
- Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.7</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-395</a>]
- Need a public way to get connection to &quot;SpatialMetadata&quot; database</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-338</a>]
- Stores pre-defined metadata in the SpatialMetadata database</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-81</a>]
-   Replace ModifiableMetadata.isModifiable() by an enum</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-345</a>]
- Upgrade JAXB binding to ISO 19115-3</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-126</a>]
- Replace the NamespacePrefixMapper hack by NamespaceContext</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-399</a>]
- When renaming &quot;xsi:type&quot; value, may need to declare a new namespace</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-404</a>]
- Allow profiles to extend legacy metadata schema</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-455</a>]
- Compute length of cubic Bézier curve</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-458</a>]
- TransformSeparator should omit unused source dimensions, unless requested otherwise</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-315</a>]
- NetCDF: convention interface and parsing utilities</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-316</a>]
- NetCDF: build CRS and GridToCRS Transform from netcdf variables and attributes</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-446</a>]
- NetCDF store should be robust to non-linear localization grid</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-445</a>]
- NetCDF store should be robust to localization grid crossing anti-meridian</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-448</a>]
- Extension to CF-conventions for localization grid smaller than data in netCDF</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-449</a>]
- Extension to CF-conventions for bands in a netCDF variable</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-429</a>]
- Arithmetic operation on quantities on values converted to system units</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-421</a>]
- Retrofit WarningListener in a more generic EventListener</li>
+<h2>Bug fixes</h2>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-377</a>]
- Latitude of natural origin = -90 wrongly rejected for Transverse Mercator</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-376</a>]
- Geographic/geocentric conversion fails if the geographic CRS is two-dimensional</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-378</a>]
- Too aggressive simplification of some units of measurement</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-382</a>]
- SI multiples not recognized when applied on kilogram</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-414</a>]
- Multiplication symbol should be omitted when the unit is Units.UNITY</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-385</a>]
- Inaccurate formulas in DistanceUtils</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-386</a>]
- Replace DefaultEllipsoid.orthodromicDistance(…) method</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-431</a>]
- Need MD_ReferenceSystem adapter</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-407</a>]
- OutOfMemoryError when reading Sentinel 1 image with GeoTIFF reader</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-432</a>]
- Using BETA2007.gsb grid throws IllegalArgumentException</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-439</a>]
- NetCDF reader does not support unlimited dimension</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-441</a>]
- UnconvertibleObjectException when reading code list value from PostgreSQL</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-461</a>]
- Replace &quot;ordinate&quot; by &quot;coordinate&quot;</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-464</a>]
- DataSet.getEnvelope() should return Optional&lt;Envelope&gt;</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-402</a>]
- Missing @XmlElement on DefaultMetadata.getCharacterSets()</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-114</a>]
- Sidebar on the left side always have the &quot;home&quot; menu item active</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-456</a>]
- New numbering scheme for development branches</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-438</a>]
- Make SIS compatible with latest Java versions</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-388</a>]
- Upgrade Java platform requirement from JDK7 to JDK8</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-383</a>]
- Upgrade Derby dependency and reduce dependency on JavaDB</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-405</a>]
- Upgrade or remove JAXB annotations of ImmutableIdentifier</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-64</a>]
  - Remove duplicated profile in sis-build-helper after MNG-3328 get fixed</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-415</a>]
- Remove links to</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-430</a>]
- Remove PACK200 usage</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-463</a>]
- Move WKT support from sis-metadata to sis-referencing</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-406</a>]
- Move XML support from sis-utility module to sis-metadata</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-331</a>]
- Verify the mapping from ISO 19115:2003 to ISO 19115:2014</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-375</a>]
- Cache: override default Map methods</li>
+<li>[<a href=''>SIS-440</a>]
- ComparisonMode.APPROXIMATIVE should be APPROXIMATE</li>
+  </body>

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