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Subject svn commit: r1515338 - in /sis/site/trunk/content: release-management.mdtext templates/release-announce.txt
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2013 10:16:33 GMT
Author: desruisseaux
Date: Mon Aug 19 10:16:32 2013
New Revision: 1515338

Fix links in the announce email template.


Modified: sis/site/trunk/content/release-management.mdtext
--- sis/site/trunk/content/release-management.mdtext [UTF-8] (original)
+++ sis/site/trunk/content/release-management.mdtext [UTF-8] Mon Aug 19 10:16:32 2013
@@ -563,6 +563,7 @@ Announce the release    {#announce}
     + Click on _Publish sis site_.
   * Make an announcement about the release on the `dev@`, `users@`, and `announce@` mailing
     A template is available [here](templates/release-announce.txt).
+    The email needs to be sent from an `` email address.

Modified: sis/site/trunk/content/templates/release-announce.txt
--- sis/site/trunk/content/templates/release-announce.txt [UTF-8] (original)
+++ sis/site/trunk/content/templates/release-announce.txt [UTF-8] Mon Aug 19 10:16:32 2013
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
 Subject:  [ANNOUNCE] Apache SIS $VERSION Release
 The Apache SIS PMC is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the SIS $VERSION
-The release can be obtained from the Apache SIS download page -
+The release can be obtained from the Apache SIS download page -
-Release notes are available at -$VERSION/RELEASE_NOTES
+Release notes are available at -$VERSION.html
 Apache SIS is a spatial framework that enables better representation of coordinates for searching,
data clustering, archiving, or any other relevant spatial needs. SIS provides data structures
for geographic data and associated metadata along with methods to manipulate those data structures.
The SIS metadata module forms the base of the library and enables the creation of metadata
objects which comply with the ISO 19115 metadata model and which can be read from or written
to ISO 19139 compliant XML documents.

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