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Subject svn commit: r1482752 - in /sis/branches/JDK7: core/src/site/apt/index.apt core/src/site/site.xml src/main/docbook/fr/standards.xml src/site/site.xml storage/sis-netcdf/src/site/apt/index.apt
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 10:31:59 GMT
Author: desruisseaux
Date: Wed May 15 10:31:59 2013
New Revision: 1482752

Documentation updates, especially about definition of terms.


Modified: sis/branches/JDK7/core/src/site/apt/index.apt
--- sis/branches/JDK7/core/src/site/apt/index.apt [UTF-8] (original)
+++ sis/branches/JDK7/core/src/site/apt/index.apt [UTF-8] Wed May 15 10:31:59 2013
@@ -8,10 +8,6 @@ Apache SIS core modules
    * {{{./sis-utility/index.html}Utilities}} -
      Simple data objects and miscellaneous utilities.
-     The services provided by this module include internationalization,
-     operations on common Java types like Arrays and character strings,
-     logging, and more.
    * {{{./sis-metadata/index.html}Metadata}} -
      Implementation of ISO 19115 metadata.
-     Those metadata are used by most other OGC/ISO standards implemented by Apache SIS.

Modified: sis/branches/JDK7/core/src/site/site.xml
--- sis/branches/JDK7/core/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ sis/branches/JDK7/core/src/site/site.xml Wed May 15 10:31:59 2013
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
     <menu name="Quick links" inherit="none">
       <item name="Aggregated Javadoc" href="../apidocs/index.html"/>
-      <item name="License"            href=""/>
+      <item name="License"            href="license.html"/>
     <menu ref="parent"/>  <!-- Replaced by a link to the parent. -->

Modified: sis/branches/JDK7/src/main/docbook/fr/standards.xml
--- sis/branches/JDK7/src/main/docbook/fr/standards.xml (original)
+++ sis/branches/JDK7/src/main/docbook/fr/standards.xml Wed May 15 10:31:59 2013
@@ -395,4 +395,29 @@
+  <section>
+    <title>Définitions des termes</title>
+    <para>
+      Les standards privilégient parfois l’application de certains termes génériques
à des contextes particuliers,
+      qui peuvent différer du contexte dans lequel d’autres communautés emploient
ces termes.
+      Par exemple les termes <foreignphrase>domain</foreignphrase> et <foreignphrase>range</foreignphrase>
+      s’appliquer à des fonctions arbitraires pour désigner l’ensemble des
valeurs possibles en entrés et en sorties
+      respectivement.
+      Mais les fonctions auxquelles certains standards <acronym>ISO</acronym>
les appliquent ne sont pas les mêmes
+      que les fonctions auxquelles d’autres bibliothèques les appliquent.
+      Par exemple <acronym>ISO</acronym> 19123 applique ces termes aux objets
<classname role="OGC">CV_Coverage</classname>,
+      vus comme des fonctions dont le domaine est l’ensemble des coordonnées spatio-temporelles
de la couverture de données
+      et le <foreignphrase>range</foreignphrase> l’ensemble des valeurs
de la couverture.
+      Mais la bibliothèque NetCDF de l’<acronym>UCAR</acronym> applique
plutôt ces termes à la fonction convertissant
+      les indices de pixels (son domaine) vers les coordonnées spatio-temporelles (son
+      Ainsi, un <foreignphrase>range</foreignphrase> de la bibliothèque de
l’<acronym>UCAR</acronym> peut être le domaine de
+      <acronym>ISO</acronym> 19123.
+    </para>
+    <para>
+      La bibliothèque Apache <acronym>SIS</acronym> privilégie autant que
possible l’utilisation des termes dans le sens
+      des normes <acronym>OGC</acronym> et <acronym>ISO</acronym>.
Mais un soin particulier doit être apporté aux interfaces
+      entre <acronym>SIS</acronym> et certaines bibliothèques externes, afin
de réduire les risques de confusions.
+    </para>
+  </section>

Modified: sis/branches/JDK7/src/site/site.xml
--- sis/branches/JDK7/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ sis/branches/JDK7/src/site/site.xml Wed May 15 10:31:59 2013
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
       <item name="Aggregated Javadoc" href="apidocs/index.html"/>
       <item name="Mailing list"       href="mail-lists.html"/>
       <item name="Who we are"         href="team-list.html"/>
-      <item name="License"            href=""/>
+      <item name="License"            href="license.html"/>
     <menu ref="modules"/> <!-- Replaced by menu for submodules. -->

Modified: sis/branches/JDK7/storage/sis-netcdf/src/site/apt/index.apt
--- sis/branches/JDK7/storage/sis-netcdf/src/site/apt/index.apt [UTF-8] (original)
+++ sis/branches/JDK7/storage/sis-netcdf/src/site/apt/index.apt [UTF-8] Wed May 15 10:31:59
@@ -5,3 +5,29 @@
 Apache SIS NetCDF storage
   Bridge between NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) convention and ISO 19115 metadata.
+  NetCDF files can be read and written by the {{{}UCAR
NetCDF library}}
+  among others. The <<<sis-netcdf>>> module uses the UCAR library for fetching
attribute values and information about
+  coordinate systems, then associates those attribute to the corresponding elements in the
ISO 19115 specification.
+* Note on the definition of terms
+  The UCAR library sometime uses the same words than the ISO/OGC standards for different
+  In particular the words "<domain>" and "<range>" can be applied to arbitrary
functions, and the
+  UCAR library chooses to apply it to the function that converts grid indices to geodetic
+  The ISO 19123 standard on the other hand considers coverage as a function, and applies
those <domain>
+  and <range> words to that function. More specifically:
+    * UCAR "<coordinate system>" is actually a mix of <coordinate system>, <coordinate
reference system>
+      and <grid geometry> in OGC sense.
+    * UCAR coordinate system "<domain>" is not equivalent to ISO 19123 coverage domain,
+      but is rather related to <grid envelope>.
+    * ISO 19123 coverage <domain> is related to UCAR coordinate system "<range>".
+    * ISO 19123 coverage <range> is not equivalent to UCAR "<range>", but is
rather related to the
+      NetCDF variable's minimum and maximum values.
+  Care must be taken for avoiding confusion when using SIS and UCAR libraries together.

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