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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject [dialog] Browser navigation buttons
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 19:45:00 GMT
Thinking aloud about the mandatory feature 11 on the
DialogManagerFeature wiki page [1]. Just noted that SWF has some of
the same limitations, and its possible to drop traces into the browser
atleast with the continuation configurations I was looking at.

In some previous experiments [2] as part of SHALE-61 [3], the approach
taken was splitting the dialog's per turn processing into two bits:
(a) Aligning the server-side state machine, if necessary
(b) Once aligned, triggering the postback event on it

As long as the state machine is residing on the other side of the
network boundary, it seems a bit unclear whether (a) can at all be
avoided. The effort for the developer, however, can be reduced if (a)
is transparent to the developer, which was the exercise in [2] where
the state machine was "decorated" with some additional transitions
which realigned the dialog based on the view that posted back. I hear
JSF 1.2 alleviates some browser button issue, is it possible for
anyone to elaborate on that?

The additional concern, ofcourse, is whether (a) is always the right
thing to do i.e. whether the side-effects of progressing the dialog
are actually reversible / overwriteable (whether the underlying
datamodel can be rolled back) -- what should be done if it can't, and
what should be the authoring best practice (some dialog "tokens" etc.)



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