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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: Test Maven2 Artifacts for 1.0.3 Release Available
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 18:16:37 GMT
Comments inline (contain long, potentially broken URLs) -

On 8/15/06, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:
> I ran out of time tonight to create all the release artifacts we're going to
> want for a 1.0.3 release (I have a flight at 6:45am tomorrow morning, and
> recent events mean I have to get up a lot earlier than usual to make that
> flight).  However, the following 1.0.3 labelled artifacts have been
> published to the Apache Snapshots repository (
> http://www/ for evaluation and
> testing purposes:

Correction to the URL above:

> org.apache.shale:shale-apps-parent:1.0.3
> org.apache.shale:shale-clay:1.0.3
> org.apache.shale:shale-core:1.0.3

 * Contains a bogus manifest in jar basedir. This file should be removed:


 * Should not contain the remoting dir (neither the
therein). This directory should be removed:


 * Cruft in following (such as the
org.apache.shale.tiles.TilesViewHandler section) should be removed:


 * <OT>Does Studio Creator need files in jar basedir, or will some dir
in META-INF do?</OT>

> org.apache.shale:shale-dist:1.0.3

I can only find 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT

> org.apache.shale:shale-master:1.0.3

Did you mean org.apache.shale:shale-master:1 ?

> org.apache.shale:shale-parent:1.0.3

maven-javadoc-plugin dependency version numbers inconsistent with
dependencies section (digester points to 1.6, should be 1.7 and
logging points to 1.0.4, should be 1.1)

> org.apache.shale:shale-remoting:1.0.3
> org.apache.shale:shale-spring:1.0.3
> org.apache.shale:shale-test:1.0.3

No LICENSE, NOTICE in jar. Move LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt from:
$shale-test/  to $shale-test/src/main/resources

> org.apache.shale:shale-tiger:1.0.3
> org.apache.shale:shale-tiles:1.0.3

No LICENSE, NOTICE in jar. Move LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt from:
$shale-tiles/  to $shale-tiles/src/main/resources

If possible, it would be great if applicable Shale jars' manifests
also adopt the Jakarta Commons non-standard attributes regarding JVM
targets (m1 docs):

More of a reassurance, than anything else, for those of us having
deployments on 1.4.

Finally, thanks to all for the work towards Shale 1.0.3.


> Before we can vote on this, I need to publish the proposed .tar.gz and .zip
> distributions for the framework itself, and all of the example applications
> (essentially equivalent to what we publish in the nightly builds process).
> But I wanted to give committers a head start on helping me verify the
> content of the release.  To try it out, simply change the version dependency
> of one of your test applications from 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT to 1.0.03 itself, and
> report results back to the dev list.
> Craig
> PS:  Please hold up on commits to the repository unless you intend that the
> update be included in the 1.0.3 release.  The POMS are all set that way, and
> I don't want to update them to 1.0.4-SNAPSHOT until the test release process
> is completed.

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