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From Greg Reddin <>
Subject PROPOSAL Voting For the Logo Contest
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:55:53 GMT
8/31 is coming tomorrow and people will soon be asking about the Logo  
Contest I'm sure :-)  This is a proposal of one possible way to  
handle the voting.

* Create and publish a page somewhere on that lists  
each entry and gives it a number.  Why not do this on the wiki?   
Because the wiki can be changed on the fly by anyone who is logged in  
and it opens the door for malicious or erroneous behavior.  Using the  
wiki as the basis for voting would also allow people to add entries  
after the deadline, which may or may not be something we want.   
Publishing a separate page might make the voting easier.  We could  
create a JavaScript-enabled list that will make it easier for people  
to hide the images they don't want to choose from and rearrange them  
in the order they want, then submit a vote.

*  Vote will be taken by an email thread on users@.  Votes should be  
in the following format:

My top 5 choices are:
1.  Image 7:  URL
2.  Image 10:  URL
3.  Image 5: URL
4.  Image 1: URL
5.  Image 4: URL

*  An individual's vote will be scored as follows:  Choice 1 receives  
5 points, choice 2 receives 4 points, choice 3 receives 3 points,  
choice 4 receives 2 points, choice 1 receives 1 point.  Two tallies  
will be kept:  One tally will represent the PMC vote and another  
tally will represent the community vote.  All community members are  
encouraged to vote, but only the PMC vote is binding.  The logo with  
the most total points is the winner.

*  At the end of the vote (say 2 weeks) the vote-counter will respond  
to the thread showing the results.  If there is a discrepancy between  
what the PMC has voted for and what the community at-large has voted  
for the PMC will decide how to handle it.  If there is a clear winner  
the contributor will be asked to submit all the relevant paperwork,  
etc.  If there is not a clear winner a new proposal will be submitted  
to determine a runoff strategy.

Comments?  Thoughts?


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