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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL Voting For the Logo Contest
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:26:39 GMT
I agree with locking the page down.  I don't have any problem with the
system as proposed but I think we should add a second round of voting.
 Lets shorten the initial vote to 7 days.  If you miss out on the
voting in the first round there's still a second round.

Proposal for the second round:

Take the top 5 (weighted) choices of the PMC.  If the users top choice
is something that is not in the top 5 then substitute the 5th choice
for the user's top choice.   Then repeat the voting for another 7

If we add time for tabulating the votes, setting up the "canddiate
page", etc. It should take about 3 weeks.


On 8/30/06, Greg Reddin <> wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2006, at 12:22 PM, Craig McClanahan wrote:
> > One thing we should investigate ... can we lock down the wiki page
> > (i.e. no
> > more modifications) after the cutoff?  If not, we'll need to copy
> > the set of
> > images over to some controlled-access page so that things don't
> > change out
> > under the covers on us.
> I don't know how to lock the page down.  I figured the "copy" option
> is what we'd have to do.
> Greg

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