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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: [dialog] Multple dialogs per page?
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:12:31 GMT
I think its ok to have one dialog per view as long as we support
different windows and frames (as you are suggesting.)

One big problem I have with the current dialog scheme is that if the
user arbitrarily closes the popup window in which a dialog is running
it screws everything up.  The next time you open a dialog, it thinks
you're in the same dialog (SHALE-48).


On 8/25/06, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:
> On the wiki[1], we've got mandatory requirement #9 talking about support for
> "Support for multiple active dialog instances within a single page" (i.e.
> more than one instance within a particular JSF view.  Thinking about this
> further, I'm not sure we really need that ... and Seam doesn't support it
> either.  Seam passes around a single conversationId for the entire request,
> although this identifier gives you access to a stack of nested active
> conversations somewhat like what we currently do with subdialogs.
> One implication of this is if we wanted to build a special variable resolver
> that resolved, say, "context" to the Context object for the current dialog.
> If there is guaranteed to be at most one active dialog instance on a single
> view, then this is pretty straightforward ... just go grab the value for the
> dialog identifier (from however you passed it back and forth), and map it to
> the corresponding Context instance that was cached in session scope.  If
> there is the possibility of more than one dialog in the current view, then
> the VariableResolver doesn't have enough "context" (err, sorry :-) to figure
> out which one to select when it evaluates an expression like '#{context}".
> We clearly need to be able to support individual dialogs active in different
> windows or frames (mandatory requirement 10), but those are each individual
> views so it shouldn't cause grief.  But, do we really need multiple dialogs
> active *within* a single window or frame?
> Craig
> [1]

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