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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: [dialog] Using SCXML to describe Shale dialogs
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 22:13:38 GMT
> Do you agree that we should continue to support a simplified configuration
> format like the current dialog-config style?  Besides backwards
> compatibility (which is an issue), I'm thinking we want to offer an
> alternative that is easier for hand coders.  The need goes down for this
> when there are GUI tools to assist you in setting it up (or a tool that
> translates a real UML state diagram).

Yes I agree with this.  Would there be a way to convert the dialogs
from XML using a listener.  I would have to rely on a maven build
executing before I could deploy something through an IDE.  I'm not a
big fan of that sort of thing.


> I'm definitely in favor of doing some experiments.  My gut is that I'd
> rather focus on mapping a generic state machine to the web world than having
> to do that and maintain the state machine engine itself.   In addition, an
> SCXML state engine has lots more power than the bare bones one that dialogs
> currently has.  And things like the ability to use an EL expression on a
> "cond" (a guard condition on a transition) lets you express lots more
> complicated decisions without having to write any Java code.

Lets get started with some experiments then.  There is an area in the
sandbox for dialogs.  Maybe we could try two approaches?  One sandbox
area for an SCXML implementation and one for an improved version of
the current implementation.

> Craig


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