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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: [dialog] className attribute
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 23:23:36 GMT
> @Sean - I take it you are using this attribute? Any ideas here? Can
> you please explain (again) how you use it? There may be other ways to
> achieve the desired results, from an SCXML PoV. Ofcourse, that will
> only be applicable for new applications.

Basically there were a bunch of shortcoming in Shale dialog (many of
which we are talking about addressing now) so I had need to subclass
DialogImpl with my own class.  The configuration stuff that shipped
with shale assumed that your dialogs would be the DialogImpl class
which was inconvenient.

So following the DRY principle, I asked Craig to patch in the
classname attribute so that users could take advantage of the digester
rules, etc.  I would say this would be a useful feature to have in any
future direction of Shale dialogs.  The fact that Dialog is an
interface would suggest its expected that users might provide their
own impl.  It would suck for users to have to provide their own
configuration when the default one was 99.9% sufficient.

> -Rahul


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