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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: [dialog] Get rid of subdialogs
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 17:44:14 GMT
> Actually, I'm not using session-scoped beans and I am taking advantage of
> dialog scope. Let me explain.
> The benefit of dialog state is that views have reference to the state
> through #{}. In my setup actions, I assign instance variables
> (they're not session scoped) to #{}. No matter what view is
> invoked, the correct data is always referenced through #{}, so
> I'm taking advantage of dialog scope.

This is just the standard way to use dialog I thought you were
proposing something new in response to the problem of the *same* info
not being available to #{} when inside a subdialog.  I must
have misinterpreted you original suggestion.

> IOW, Shale doesn't manage a state for you that lasts only during the
> duration of the dialog; instead, it makes that state available to the view
> via #{} only during the duration of the dialog. How long the
> state lasts is another matter.

Since most dialogs will want a state, why not inject the state instead
of having every single dialog require an action state to set one up?

> I think the scope is useful, but I'm still not convinced the extra
> complexity required to support easy access of ancestral data on the dialog
> stack is worth the effort. It seems to me that you can easily handle
> situations like this with setup actions that synthesize the right data and
> make it available to the view via #{}.

So we abandon #{} and leave it as an "exercise for the
user" to supply their own mechanism for managing a "dialog scope"?  Is
that what you're saying?

> david

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