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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: Should we move shale-petstore somewhere else? Was --> Re: Wikipedia: More Licensing Questions
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 14:35:03 GMT
> Yep.  What we would need to know is the "from" address on the commit emails,
> so we know what address to subscribe.

I changed the email from public to moderated so I could discover the sender:

> You'd think Google would have figured this stuff out already :-).

Yes but its a work in progress so we will let it slide.

> I suspect we want minimal barriers to participation here, so I'd throw it
> open.  We can change things later if we get too much spam etc.

Google is warning about spam if you leave it wide open but I guess we
can deal with that when the time comes.

> In particular, we should set the group to accept public email (it took my
> test message submitted via the web interface, but not the one I emailed from
> my gmail account).  That should at least make the commit emails work, so we
> can see what the right from address is.

That's weird taht you could only send email from your interface.  Can
you send again from your gmail account to test if its moderated or

I changed you to owner as well so you can have the dubious honor of
assisting in the group management.  Go ahead an change it to wide open
public email once you test your gmail again.

> Craig


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