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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: Test failure on trunk on macOS
Date Sat, 05 May 2018 15:12:42 GMT
On 29.04.2018 11:24, Branko Čibej wrote:
> On 25.04.2018 00:08, Branko Čibej wrote:
>> On 20.04.2018 12:55, Branko Čibej wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> Has anyone seen this failure before, on latest macOS with latest tools
>>> and homebrewed APR and OpenSSL:
>>> There was 1 failure:
>>> 1) test_ssl_missing_client_certificate: /Users/brane/src/asf/serf/serf-trunk/test/test_ssl.c:1869:
expected <120172> but was <120199>
>>> (This is with running "scons check" in an out-of-tree build.)
>>> The test case expects the status SERF_ERROR_SSL_SETUP_FAILED but
>>> It's strange that the same issue doesn't show up on the OSX buildbot —
>>> but that has a different version of the OS, APR, APU and OpenSSL.
>> This is what I found so far:
>>   * the call to 'cctx->handshake()' in _mhRunServerLoop returns APR_EGENERAL
>>       o the handshake function called is sslHandshake() in MockHTTP_server.c
>>   * the problem is sensitive to timing; if I set MH_VERBOSE to 1, all
>>     tests pass ... even if I redirect stderr to a file or to /dev/null.
>>     This is true even if I just selectively enable the error logging in
>>     sslHandshake().
>>       o if I do that, I get the following log:
>>         2018-04-25T00:05:33.097912+02 [cp:56236 sp:30118] SSL Error 1: Library=20,
Function=128, Reason=255
>>         140735571477376:error:140800FF:SSL routines:ssl3_accept:unknown state:s3_srvr.c:869:
> Well this is interesting ... this test failure does not manifest if I
> build with OpenSSL 1.1.x, only 1.0.2. There's either something wrong
> with my (or rather, Homebrew's) build of OpenSSL 1.0.x, or the "recent"
> 1.1.x compatibility changes somehow broke 1.0.x support.

I updated my OSX build slave from OpenSSL 1.0.2k to 1.0.2o today, and
the same failures started showing up there, too. So it has to be either
a bug in the latest version of OpenSSL 1.0.x, or in the way we use it.

-- Brane

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