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From Jarno Elonen <>
Subject Passing custom auth headers from server?
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 09:23:43 GMT

Is it possible to pass custom auth headers to Serf from server, and
have it pass them on for subsequent requests?
I.e. hand it a custom token / cookie after the initial authentication.

I'm building a Subversion HTTPS server with SSO over Kerberos (Samba4
ADC), and our Windows client (SlikSVN) crashes mid-checkout on some
repositories with mod_auth_kerb (auth_ntlm_winbind sort of works, but
it's suboptimal for various reasons).
I've written about the issue to SlickSVN developers, but since a fix
might take a while, I'd like to set up a workaround.

Since the first few Kerberos authenticated requests work, and the
client crashes only later in the process, I was contemplating making
the server pass a JWT token, a cookie or something like that, and
having the client use that for authentication from there on.

Is that sort of thing possible with Serf?

As an alternative, I was thinking about creating a temporary
repository URL with the credentials embedded in it URI, and
redirecting the client there for the rest of the session. But I guess
it's not possible to instruct SVN to use a different URL from the


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