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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Overriding the location of OpenSSL
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 13:29:48 GMT
[The following was observed on Mac OS X, but I believe it applies to any

I've been building Serf 1.3.8 on OSX for a while (as part of a
closed-source project). Recently I noticed that the shared lib refers to
the system default OpenSSL (0.9.8f) instead of the one installed by
Homebrew (1.0.2g). That made me a bit unhappy because I'd explicitly
told the Scons about the path to Homebrew's OpenSSL.

The really scary part is that I don't have the 0.9.8f headers anywhere
in /usr/include; just the shared libs in /usr/lib.

After rummaging in SConstruct, I came up with the following patch for
1.3.8 which fixes the problem for me on OSX and also continues to work
on Linux; I did not try to build on Windows, but can't see any reason
why it wouldn't work.

Assuming everyone agrees this is the correct approach, I'll create
patches for trunk and the 1.3.x branch.

-- Brane

Put OpenSSL include and library paths first in their respective lists
to make sure the compiler and linker find the requested versions.

Index: SConstruct
--- SConstruct	(revision 1487)
+++ SConstruct	(working copy)
@@ -318,14 +318,14 @@ if sys.platform == 'win32':
   # openssl
   env.Append(LIBS=['libeay32.lib', 'ssleay32.lib'])
   if not env.get('SOURCE_LAYOUT', None):
-    env.Append(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/include/openssl',
-               LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/lib')
+    env.Prepend(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/include/openssl',
+                LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/lib')
   elif 0: # opensslstatic:
-    env.Append(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/inc32',
-               LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/out32')
+    env.Prepend(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/inc32',
+                LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/out32')
-    env.Append(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/inc32',
-               LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/out32dll')
+    env.Prepend(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/inc32',
+                LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/out32dll')
   if os.path.isdir(apr):
     apr = os.path.join(apr, 'bin', 'apr-1-config')
@@ -351,8 +351,8 @@ else:
     apr_libs = ''
     apu_libs = ''
-  env.Append(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/include')
-  env.Append(LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/lib')
+  env.Prepend(CPPPATH='$OPENSSL/include')
+  env.Prepend(LIBPATH='$OPENSSL/lib')
 # If build with gssapi, get its information and define SERF_HAVE_GSSAPI

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