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From "Bert Huijben" <>
Subject RE: svn commit: r1719435 - in /serf/trunk: serf_bucket_types.h test/test_buckets.c
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 15:40:40 GMT

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> Sent: vrijdag 11 december 2015 15:45
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> Subject: svn commit: r1719435 - in /serf/trunk: serf_bucket_types.h
> test/test_buckets.c
> Author: astieger
> Date: Fri Dec 11 14:44:59 2015
> New Revision: 1719435
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> Log:
> SERF_BUCKET_SIMPLE_STRING{,_LEN} macros could not be used as function
> arguments.

I found this problem a few months ago...

But before applying a 'fix' for this issue like you did I was thinking that perhaps this wasn't
some error, but explicitly to avoid having users do this as a function argument.

With the s argument evaluated multiple times, etc.

I'm not entirely sure if we should really fix this this way...
(The fix is also not 100% backwards compatible)

I would like to know what the original author of these macros thinks... He must have noticed
this somewhere.

In my specific case I found a bug in my code where I tried to use this as a function... I
was almost double allocating things here. (once for sending, and once for the strlen call).
In that case it really helped that I couldn't use this as a normal function.


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