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From Parashuram N <>
Subject RE: Trademark use after retirement
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 02:24:33 GMT
Hi folks,

I have created a new Org called ripple-emulator[1] and forked the Apache Repo [2]. I have
also added the folks who said they wanted to be members in the organization. If you would
like to be invited to the organization, please let me know and I can add you with your github
name. I may have missed some folks from the previous emails, so if you have not yet received
an invitation, please do send me your github id again.

Some open questions 

1. Should we have a mailing list / group ? If yes, where should that be ? 
2. Should we simply create a slack channel on Cordova slack where we could discuss stuff,
or should we create a new slack domain ? 
3. What do we do about existing JIRA issues ? Should we import them  to github, or should
we start fresh  ?


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From: Ross Gardler [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2015 12:48 PM
Cc: Ken Wallis <>
Subject: RE: Trademark use after retirement

Yep you are free to fork the code. It's up to you who you add as committees. As you say the
Apache mark should be removed.

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From: Parashuram N<>
Sent: ‎12/‎21/‎2015 11:33 PM
Cc: Ken Wallis<>
Subject: RE: Trademark use after retirement

Hi Ken,

Thanks a lot for following up on the trademark. I think this message is good, and we should
put it up on the new repository that we create.

Apache folks, what should be the next steps on this ? We now have the trademark issue taken
care of, and the new project can be in a new Github repo with this message.
Should I go ahead and do the following

1. Fork the existing repo - git:// (need a name for the
new organization. Folks, how about using
? Note that ripple username is already taken) 2.  Add folks who have expressed interest as
owners 3. In the title, remove "Apache Ripple" and now call it "Ripple".

I think we should keep the license as Apache License, so I guess we will not be changing the
License file, or headers in the source code.
Is there anything else we should be doing ?

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From: Ken Wallis []
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 11:58 AM
To: Parashuram N <>
Subject: RE: Trademark use after retirement

I have received the following formal response from our legal/copyright team:

"BlackBerry is not asserting any rights in RIPPLE and makes no representations or warranties
with respect to the name as a trademark."

The wording is specifically chosen, and I hope it will suffice for your needs.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or needs.

Ken Wallis
Senior Product Manager
Office: +1 (925) 931-6024
BlackBerry: (415) 860-3980
BlackBerry Corporation

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From: Parashuram N []
Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2015 10:28 PM
To: Ken Wallis <>
Subject: RE: Trademark use after retirement

Thank you Shane.

Ken, Thank you for volunteering to help with the trademark for using the name "Ripple". Is
there a way we can be granted a formal permission from Blackberry to use the name "Ripple"

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From: Shane Curcuru []
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: Trademark use after retirement

(Note mixed private/public lists)

Please treat Ripple as an Apache trademark until the IPMC formally retires the podling - i.e.
until that vote is completed, meaning that organizationally the ASF has recognized the podling
is retiring.

Given that there's been ample discussion here within the Ripple community at Apache, and that
some of the members here wish to continue development elsewhere using the name, the ASF will
have no objection to future developers calling software derived from this project "Ripple".
Don't call it "Apache" obviously, and we would appreciate a footer "based on the retired Apache
Ripple podling" or something similar.  I'm also happy if the IPMC chooses to put a note on
whatever archive the ASF hosts for the retired podling that points to the successor project.

It looks like Ken elsethread can help confirm that RIM/Blackberry won't have any problems
with this either, so hopefully you'll be all set!

It's important for the ASF to defend all Apache project and podling trademarks to ensure that
we maintain our reputation for independently governed projects.  This is especially important
in some other kinds of cases, where other companies may try to manipulate our podlings or
projects unfairly.  But in cases where the community tries, but just doesn't succeed at incubation,
the ASF has no wishes to get in the way of the community trying their luck elsewhere.

Good luck, by the way!

- Shane

Parashuram N wrote on 12/1/15 2:29 PM:
> -----Original Message----- From: Ross Gardler 
> [] Sent: Monday, November 30, 2015
> 10:14 PM To: Subject: Trademark use 
> after retirement
> As can be seen in recent discussions the Ripple project will be 
> retired as an Incubating Apache project. During the discussion the 
> status of the Ripple trademark was one question that came up. I 
> responded that if anyone wants to use the mark they would need 
> permission from whoever owns the mark. In my preliminary evaluation of 
> the status of the mark it did not appear that it had been transferred 
> to the ASF on entry into the Incubator (which is the usual case).
> If anyone in the community wants to reuse this mark you need to 
> confirm with<> that 
> the ASF does not own the mark and, once confirmed, approach the 
> trademark owner (Blackberry I believe). Under no circumstances should 
> anyone use the Ripple name without obtaining permission.
> The code, however, can be taken under the Apache License V2 and worked 
> on elsewhere if you so desire.
> Ross

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