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From Tim Barham <>
Subject RE: A question about require (ripple): why build-time stacking instead of runtime injection?
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 18:17:01 GMT
Don't know of any technical requirement, though interestingly with script injection in Cordova
... are you referring plugin scripts? Because they're moving towards a model where they're
concatenated at build time (using browserify) rather than injected at runtime.

For me with Ripple, I just make sure I'm at least always working against a non-uglified version
of the source :).

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From: Arzhan Kinzhalin [] On Behalf Of Arzhan Kinzhalin
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2015 11:06 AM
Subject: A question about require (ripple): why build-time stacking instead of runtime injection?

Hi all;

I was wondering if there’s a reason for require() (which is aliased to ripple) to have its
current form? I understand it’s been taken as-is from cordova, but even cordova does inject
script instead of stacking them up into a huge poorly debuggable blob.

I guess my question is whether there was a specific technical reason to use cordova-require/build-time
pack combination instead of cordova-require/runtime inject or plain require.js? Is it purely
historical or is there some technical background that I am missing?

Major disadvantage is that the development environment is unnecessarily complicated. We could
have two versions: running ripple for dev environment and release version (optimised/concatenated).
Would this be a reasonable change? If the dev community around this project is to grow, the
development environment should be friendly. :)

// kai

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