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From Alex Stanese <>
Subject Zombie Apocalypse ERROR!
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2014 20:46:06 GMT
Hello! I have a strange error wehn trying to use the ripple emulator.
I create a project: phonegap create asdf
I enter the project: cd asdf
I compile to android: phonegap build android
after I want to use the ripple amulator: ripple emulate
Chorme opens, I see the message "device is ready" from the default project and after a few
seconds it gives me this error:
"Looks like what we have here is a failure to... emulate

You're seeing this window because it looks like the zombie apocalypse has started.

For some strange reason it looks like we are unable to load. This could be a problem  with
your application, with ours or that you may require more time to finish loading.  Hit "Wait"
to give your application more time. Hit "FIRE!!" to pick up a shotgun and blow away all  all
of Ripple's settings in an attempt to purge out the bad stuff."|

I use the latest phonegap 3.3 ant the latest ripple 0.9.20 and I have node.js installed and
I have the .cordova folder.

This is the console output for a default project:

Console was cleared ripple.js:37
Ripple :: Environment Warming Up (Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.) ripple.js:37
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token u localhost/:1
cordova :: Initialization Finished (Make it so.) ripple.js:37
The key "target-densitydpi" is not supported. localhost/:25
Falling back on PROMPT mode since _cordovaNative is missing. Expected for Android 3.2 and
lower only. phonegap.js:966
Could not find cordova.js script tag. Plugin loading may fail. phonegap.js:1544
Received Event: devicereadyindex.js:47
cordova :: fired deviceready event!ripple.js:37

Thank You very much!
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