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From JR <>
Subject Re: ripple cordova 3.0
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 18:38:43 GMT
I also noticed that cordova CLI has some built in ripple love: I think
that feature is undocumented and it incorrectly assumes 2.0.0 as the

On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 2:16 PM, JR <> wrote:

> So in your workflow example, edits would be made to Baz/www and you'd have
> to run `cordova prepare` everytime before being able to see any changes in
> the emulator. It's not as easy as the old workflow but I'm sure we could
> setup a watcher or something to propagate changes. Also, do we just always
> use the android assets?
> I'll give this flow a try tonight and see if I can't get a plugin working.
> Thanks!
> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Gord Tanner <> wrote:
>> Thanks for offering to help!
>> 1)  Ideally Ripple should detect that it is running on a cordova project
>> and do something between a cordova prepare and a cordova serve command to
>> set up the hosting of the app.
>> There are a few ways we can approach this and is something we should have
>> the community digest and discuss.
>> 2)  It should still link to the 2.0 modules for anything we don't need to
>> change between them.  For example nothing changed between 2.0 and 3.0 for
>> accelerometer so we shouldn't need to create a new bridge module for it.
>> I think our best bet is to use the mobile spec project and start getting
>> tests to go green.  I am going to figure out how to get ripple to interact
>> with cordova projects a little better and see if I get get that integrated
>> with our CLI nicer.
>> Current flow to boot a cordova 3.0 app:
>> > cordova create Baz
>> > cd Baz
>> > cordova platform add android
>> > cordova prepare
>> > ripple emulate --path platforms/android/assets/www
>> Not nice but something that could be automated for sure.
>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 1:48 PM, JR <> wrote:
>>> hey, I'm interested in helping you with cordova 3.0 branch but
>>> unfortunately I wasn't subscribed to the dev-list when you sent that
>>> message and I can't figure out how to reply to it.
>>> I installed your branch and was able to get a sample running using
>>> cordova-js.
>>> Anyway, looking forward to contributing, but I have a few questions.
>>> 1) When you build with cordova 3.0, it creates a bunch of assets,
>>> particularly the plugins and cordova_plugins.js and it puts the appropriate
>>> cordova.js file... how will Ripple handle that? Or will it? I tried copying
>>> those assets over fromn a build and I couldn't even get the device plugin
>>> working... not sure what to do about that. One idea i had is that cordova's
>>> command line could use ripple as a platform. `cordova platform add ripple`
>>> and then `cordova emulate ripple` would build those assets launch ripple
>>> emulate. Just an idea.
>>> 2) the docs are pretty vague on the platform structure, I noticed most
>>> of it still links to 2.0.0, is there anything I can do to help there? If
>>> you give me a task I can probably do it. I'm good with JS and all but I
>>> don't yet understand ripple fully.
>>> Feel free to post this to the list in your thread, then I should be able
>>> to see it and respond.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Jonathan
> --
> Jonathan


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