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From Brent Lintner <>
Subject Adjust Zoom/Width/Height of Device (wrapper/iframe)
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 17:36:28 GMT
Hey All,

I have a feature I am working on, where you can adjust the browser zoom of
the device UI (that wraps the iFrame), as well as the app html itself
(iFrame). However, not all browsers support it and it will not be perfect.
Additionally, you could also adjust the device width/height/padding, and
device pixel ratio (for what it is worth). This would be persisted client
side (per domain, as usual), and overwrite what is originally defined in
the device JS file.

The main inspirational use case that caused me to do this was:

Say I have two laptops, my Macbook Pro 15" (no retina), and my ASUS Zenbook
13". When I load a device, say the Nexus 4, I want to have it look as close
as possible (in sizing/zoom) as the content on my real device (however it
is rendered). However, at default zoom on my Macbook, it needs like a 70%
zoom to look like it does on my Zenbook (where the UI is quite close to
what is rendered on my real device).

Also, by having the ability to custom adjust the device data (and persist
it), I think this will allow a wide variety of different scenarios for a
web app to be handled by users without them having to request changes to
the device file (although that is still encouraged when it is generally
applicable). An example of two different scenarios would be: say I am
testing my app on Chrome, vs a Cordova app. There is more padding in Chrome
because of the address bar. By being able to adjust the padding, I can
change it back and forth when I need to. This is something that was
previously sort of attempted to be addressed via device JS files, but it
never was used fully due to the different possible scenarios that could

Lastly, I do realize that some sort of feature to support those various
scenarios in device files (in general) would be awesome, but until that can
be figured out, I think giving users the ability to adjust these themselves
will alleviate any frustration at the device being "stuck" on what its
default data (as well only being able to adjust browser zoom document wide,
i.e. "ctrl +/-").

Am I making sense? :-) Thoughts?


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