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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Should we have a WiKi?
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 17:43:07 GMT
Definitely. It should be clear that all the apache infra that's setup for
Ripple should be targetted towards contributors/committers/developers, not

On 1/17/13 9:16 AM, "Brent Lintner" <> wrote:

>I concur that it could be helpful, although (too add my two cents), I
>wonder if it should be strictly for non developer oriented content (?), or
>at all (?)..
>My reasoning is that, with a `doc` folder in the repository, we should be
>able to document (and host on the web, even) documentation (which includes
>guides, API docs, etc) from the repository itself (in an easy to
>format- MD or something else, which could be translated into HTML).
>Why? Well, I think maintaining a singular location for documentation (at
>least for developer oriented content) would be beneficial as it could have
>documentation in one (succinct) place. It would also (ideally) encourage
>documentation to not only be be created alongside submitted features, etc,
>but be part of the actual commits that introduced said features, etc (if
>However, I am not too sure how this could work in practise (or the setup
>and organization of the `doc` folder), and if it is something that would
>possible as an ASF project, so a Wiki may be (traditionally) better
>(specially for people to add content easily), but, not to say it is not
>something to consider (I think). :-)
>For example, see:
>On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 11:55 AM, Dan Silivestru
>> Hi All,
>> I think we should request a wiki for our project. I'm thinking it would
>> a great place to document Ripple both from a contributor perspective
>>and a
>> developer's perspective.
>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Dan Silivestru
>> +1 (519) 589-3624

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