I've done several changes to the code. I'm near form the whole change.

But, I have a problem with the panel. I don't know what's the best way to put
portlet information on web.

It's supposed that I have to use the table already created but I don't know how
te set information via YUI3:

+<table id="portlet-body-html" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; float: left;">
+    <tr>
+       <td rowspan="2" width="20%" class="portlet-section-body">
+           <img src='${portalContextPath}' />
+       </td>
+       <td id="name" width="80%" class="portlet-section-body">#</td>
+    </tr>      
+    <tr>
+       <td class="portlet-section-body">
+           <a href="#">Preview</a> 
+           <a href="#">Add</a>
+       </td>
+    </tr>

I only managed to set the images. Normally a custom widget should be created but I have
not enough knowledge about YUI.

The rest works well... The only change needed is to do the filter to be able to load on category click
but this will be trivial.

If you help me to put information in each field I will finish this.

The rest of the changes:

* Removed server retrieve of portlets (famous two lines)
* Modified a bit the jsp code.

* portal.js - added ajax request and load using JSON
* modified getportlets to handle json output.
* GetPortletsAction - added support for JSON
* Fixed a bug that caused xml and json fail when bad escaped texts found in description or name of the portlet.

It's not much but it took me a lot of time figure out how everything glue, and setting dev environment caused some trouble :D

Your ideas will be welcome...