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From "Steve Milek" <s.mi...@comcast.net>
Subject RE: About the Desktop interface....is it slow????
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 17:49:35 GMT
Certainly, the jetspeed desktop has plenty of room for improvement.

The factors that we based our decisions on are most likely quite different
from those that drive netvibes.com. For example, in choosing to use dojo
toolkit, we needed to satisfy the internal requirements for jetspeed
desktop, but we also wanted our choice to be well suited for portlet
application development. As always, licensing was also a consideration.

There is a lot of obvious optimization that has not yet occurred (e.g.
compression of the jetspeed desktop javascript). I would be interested in
hearing about the specific improvements that you would like to see. There
are many places where we could focus our attention.

Also, I wouldn't expect that most open source projects have as "slick" of a
demo as netvibes.com. However, I believe that when it comes to depth,
jetspeed competes fairly well with the likes of netvibes.com. What are your
thoughts on this?

Steve Milek

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From: Team Vit [mailto:team.vit@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 2:58 PM
To: Jetspeed Users List; Jetspeed Developers List
Subject: About the Desktop interface....is it slow????

Hello everyone,

I am a developer who has just started working with Jetspeed Portal. I chose
Jetspeed as my target portal some 6 months ago,
mainly because of the tremendous support that we get from this mailing list
and the fact that the new ajax interface was under development.
I was hoping that Ajax interface would basically prove what an slick user
interface would be like
Fast ,
Quick Response
Very Intuitive for the user to use.
I was hoping for an interface which would be as slick as that of
netvibes.com. ( Agreed that initial loading time is bit long but
subsequently it is very intuitive)

I installed the new Jetspeed 2.1 Minimal Installer) ..and then tried to use
the desktop . Unfortunately my experience with it was not really nice.
i found that desktop was slow , reloaded the page on clicking of the tabs,
and was not very slick.....maybe it was using a lot of dojo widgets ...not
really sure

I think i might be missing something really significant here, but is it the
way this is supposed to work??????
Isnt it possible to have a desktop which feels light. and has features of
netvibes and start.com etc

Team Vit

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