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From "Team Vit" <team....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: About the Desktop interface....is it slow????
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 18:31:58 GMT
Hi there,

I really appreciate all of you for responding to my mail above.

> Certainly, the jetspeed desktop has plenty of room for improvement.
> The factors that we based our decisions on are most likely quite different
> from those that drive netvibes.com. For example, in choosing to use dojo
> toolkit, we needed to satisfy the internal requirements for jetspeed
> desktop, but we also wanted our choice to be well suited for portlet
> application development. As always, licensing was also a consideration.

If i may ask, what exactly are the internal requirements since i was under
the impression
that in any enterprise application the view can be segregated from the
internal logic.
please correct me if i am wrong but shouldn't it be possible to build the ui
using any library such as

There is a lot of obvious optimization that has not yet occurred (e.g.
> compression of the jetspeed desktop javascript). I would be interested in
> hearing about the specific improvements that you would like to see. There
> are many places where we could focus our attention.

> Because of the nature of tabs being different pages in Jetspeed, we
re-render the entire page when switching tabs

According to me , one change which could instantly make this faster would be
creating an improvement in the ajax api such that we could dynamically
re-render pages
without reloading the page. Is this feasible ?

This way, most of the dojo widgets would already be loaded in the browser,
so no "apparant" reloading
will take place ( i know even now it loads form the cache ) which would give
it the "slickness" required.
After the main reason of shifting to an ajax application is for the
responsiveness , dont u think?

Also, I wouldn't expect that most open source projects have as "slick" of a
> demo as netvibes.com. However, I believe that when it comes to depth,
> jetspeed competes fairly well with the likes of netvibes.com. What are
> your
> thoughts on this?

Agreed , if not a demo as slick as netvibes , but at least it should not be
as slow as most users already have a picture in mind when we talk about an
ajax desktop
For all the positive aspects of jetspeed ..accepting this new *ajax* desktop
will be difficult
After all one has to *sell* this to the management. if you know what i

Team Vit

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