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From Mikko Wuokko <mikko.wuo...@evtek.fi>
Subject Re: Ajax api enhancements
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:52:49 GMT
Added Jira issue and patch



David Sean Taylor wrote:
> On Apr 17, 2007, at 11:43 AM, Mikko Wuokko wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I've made some enhancements to the AJAX Api to fit our needs and 
>> thought if you would be interested of them as well. There's two API 
>> actions, one to get the information of the current logged in users and 
>> the second one to get information of all the logged in users and 
>> optionally offline users and number of guest sessions active. The 
>> first one could be used for example to pass login information for an 
>> AJAX enabled portlet and the second one for users statistics and 
>> monitoring. We have a simple portlet building which would show a 
>> realtime status of the online users.
>> The online/offline user statistics api can be easily secured to be 
>> used for admin only by setting the RoleSecurityBehavior. Data that it 
>> will produce for online users is:
>> - status (online/offline)
>> - username
>> - ipaddress
>> - number of sessios
>> - all the userinfo there is (first name, last name,...)
>> For offline user it will be the same except no sesssion number as it 
>> would be zero anyway.
>> I've made some changes to the PortalStatistics(Impl) and 
>> UserStats(Impl) to store also the ip address and and it will now use 
>> that to distinguish the sessions of a user from another. In other 
>> words, the same user connecting from two different ip will be shown as 
>> separate users. If used just one ip, but two browsers (sessions) the 
>> sessions value will be increased. After some testing it would seem to 
>> work :D. Also getting the number guest sessions or any sessions needed 
>> a new method to PortalSessionManager.
>> Does this make any sense or attach your interest?
> It sounds like a very useful contribution.
> Please create a JIRA issue and attach a patch, and I will review and 
> commit it

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