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From "Aaron Evans" <aaronmev...@gmail.com>
Subject JS 2.1 - render phase not called when actionResponse.sendRedirect used
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:11:44 GMT
I think this is a bug. If you agree, I shall create a JIRA issue.  If
you disagree, any suggestions for a work around would be appreciated.

Here's the scenario:

1. User logs in and browses to pageA.psml.  When portletX on
pageA.psml renders, it's content depends on an attribute, 'attributeP'
that is stored in the session with PORTLET_APPLICATION scope.

2. User then navigates to pageB.psml.  pageB.psml contains portletY
which is part of the same application as portletX.

3. User clicks a portlet action link for portletY.  In the
processAction method, attributeP's value is modified the response is
then a redirect back to pageA.psml.

4. When the content from pageA.psml is sent to the client browser, it
seems to be coming from some kind of cache.  The render phase for
portletX is not being called.   However, this content is *stale*
because the value of attributeP has changed and so the content for
portletX will be different.

Even if the user does a "hard" browser refresh or puts focus on the
url bar and hits enter, you get the same result: the render phase for
portletX is never called.

In order to get portletX's render method to be called I have to click
another action or render link in the page.

We use this little "trick" extensively for portlets that manage data
that is related.  Eg. I have a "Customer Manager" portal page.  They
can click a link labeled "Show Users" and it brings them to the
"Manage Users" page with the users for that customer in the results.


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