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From "Aaron Evans" <aaronmev...@gmail.com>
Subject 2.1 customized binary build
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 19:51:00 GMT
Hey guys,
I did a binary build today for 2.1 using maven 1. Worked perfectly.

However, when trying to integrate my custom ATN and ATZ SPI components
I am running into a problem.

What I have done to date to work my custom components into the project is this:

1. I build a few custom jars and put them in
2. I delete security-spi-atz.xml and security-spi-atn.xml from
3. I add two files in their place: security-spi-atz-custom.xml and
4. I create a file called ldap.properties in
${project.home}/target/jetspeed/WEB-INF/conf and include it from
jetspeed.properties. This file contains some properties that are
referenced in my custom assembly files.

The problem is when I am running maven j2:minStart:

[java] org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException:
Error registering bean with name
'net.aaronevans.dataaccess.ldap.ContextProvider' defined in file
Could not resolve placeholder 'org.apache.jetspeed.ldap.rootPassword'
    [java]      at
    [java]      at
    [java]      at
    [java]      at
    [java]      at
    [java]      at
    [java] [ERROR] Java Result: 1

I guess some files are pulled into
${project.home}/target/portal-sql/assembly for some purpose (I gather
to generate SQL files) and my custom files are being pulled in (though
they shouldn't be necessary).  Anyhow, the properties aren't resolving
and leads to the error above.

By the way, after this, the build still tells me it was successful but
really was not.

As a workaround, I should be able to do a default min build and then
just hot deploy my config changes, but I kind of preferred this other
way.  I could also just hard-code the settings, but I definitely don't
want to do that.

Is there some way I can either have my files excluded from
portal-sql/assembly or have the properties sucked in so they resolve?


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