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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject [ANN] Jetspeed 2.1 Final Release
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 08:26:13 GMT
The Apache Portals Jetspeed Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Jetspeed 2.1
Open Source Enterprise Portal.

Jetspeed is an Open Portal Platform and Enterprise Information Portal, written all in open
source under the Apache license in Java and XML.
Jetspeed is build upon an open component architecture based on standards. All access to the
portal is managed through a robust portal security policy.
Within the Jetspeed portal, individual portlets can be aggregated to create a page. Each portlet
is an independent application with Jetspeed
acting as the central hub making information from multiple sources available in an easy to
use manner.

Version 2.1 continues the evolution of the Jetspeed portal technology, with a more stabilized
This release includes many new features including Web 2.0 client-side aggregator, distributed
portal and portlet caching,
parallel rendering and aggregation, and many more improvements and bug fixes.

This final release is fully-compliant with the Portlet Specification 1.0 (JSR-168).

The Jetspeed team will be presenting the new 2.1 release at ApacheCon Europe 2007 in Amsterdam.

  Jetspeed 2.1 Release
    March 3, 2007

New Features in Version 2.1 include:

  * Jetspeed Desktop - Web 2.0 client-side JSR-168 portlet aggregation.
  * Parallel Rendering - multithreaded portlet aggregator with portlet timeout tracking, removal
of slow rendering portlets.
  * Jetspeed Distributed Cluster - support for distributed deployments of the portal on multiple
application server platforms
  * JSR 168 Caching - full caching support of JSR 168 portlet specification, distributed cache
  * TCK Compliant as of 2.1 (2.0 was compliant as well)
  * Custom Portlet Modes and Window States - a "print" PortletMode and "solo" WindowState
are now standard supported
  * Improved LDAP support - full security maintenance using LDAP is now supported for many
LDAP providers
  * New and Improved Administrative and Security Portlets
  * XML Schemas for PSML, jetspeed-portlet.xml, and Jetspeed XML (seed data)
  * Installation choice of either Demo Portal or Minimal Starter Portal
  * New Jetspeed Tutorial
  * Maven-2 build support as well as Maven-1
  * Remote Portal Application Deployer - hot deploy portlet applications from remote locations
on the Web
  * Improved Customizers - Portal and Desktop Customizers, drag and drop moving of portlets,
nested fragment customization
  * New Portlet Category Selector
  * XML Import/Export of all Jetspeed database data and seed data scripts for backup and restore
and data migration
  * Improved Security Control - fully swappable Security Constraint or Security Permission
  * Portlet-level Security checks based on Security Constraints or Security Permissions
  * Improved Jetspeed AJAX API
  * Improved Delegation of Security Support
  * New Site Manager
  * Improved Database Page Manager
  * New binary installers making it very easy to setup a basic or demo Jetspeed Portal


The release and the new binary installers are available for download from the Apache Download
Mirrors through:

     * http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/download.html

The readme, installation instructions and detailed release notes:

     * http://www.apache.org/dist/portals/jetspeed-2/JETSPEED-2.1-README.txt

We hope you enjoy using Jetspeed! If you have any questions, please consult:

     * The web site: http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/

     * The jetspeed-user mailing list: http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/mail-lists.html

For news and information, see:

     * http://portals.apache.org/news.html

To unsubscribe, e-mail: jetspeed-dev-unsubscribe@portals.apache.org
For additional commands, e-mail: jetspeed-dev-help@portals.apache.org

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