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From "Philip Mark Donaghy" <philip.dona...@gmail.com>
Subject Transition from portal view page to desktop edit page (and back)
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 22:33:38 GMT
This mail summarizes the 2.1 feature for the page customizer.

By default Jetspeed 2.1 users will see the desktop page customizer
when clicking on the page edit button from the portal context. A
simple theme will present the customizer without page tabs or
navigation menus. Just the theme banner. This can be configured in the
decorator properties.

A configuration parameter in the multicolumn layout portlet will let
users define the original customizer for the portal context.

Here are a few solutions to the transition from portal view to desktop edit,

1. We could replace the edit action url with
/desktop/whatever.psml?editPage=true in the DecorationValve.

2. Or we could use javascript to change the page url after the request
has been processed. This code would be placed in the original

I have a few observations to make from testing this feature.

1. The parameter editPage=true does not maintain the edit state when
navigating to other pages and back again.

2. I was surprised to not see an ajax request when clicking the page
edit button from the desktop. And this mechanism also does not
maintain edit state across pages.

3. The portal context customizer does maintain state across different
pages in both portal and desktop.

4. It was difficult to find where the state is maintained. I think it
is in PortletWindowSessionNavigationalStates but I couldn't prove it
with a debugger.

There is now the issue of leaving edit mode. Jetspeed 2.1 will return
the user to the portal context when editing is complete.

Using solution 1. to get into edit mode we could specify another
parameter indicating the viewContext. For example,


would indicate to desktop that the user would be returned to the
portal context when finished editiing.

Yet another observation.

Using solution 1 does not maintain state. Using solution 2 also
requires the viewContext parameter so that users are returned to the
portal context.

Philip Donaghy
donaghy.blogspot.com del.icio.us/donaghy/philip
Skype: philipmarkdonaghy
Office: +33 5 56 60 88 02
Mobile: +33 6 20 83 22 62

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