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From "Philip Mark Donaghy" <philip.dona...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: it fails in the seed data
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 23:33:06 GMT
On 1/22/07, David Sean Taylor <david@bluesunrise.com> wrote:
> Tallamraju, Raman wrote:
> > We've been saying this since we first started using Jetspeed - I think
> > moving to Ant (or at least providing that alternative at the very least)
> > would definitely be appreciated by the community. We have had maven
> > working for us - but getting new builds to work for all developers has
> > been a big hassle. We've beeen getting around this by checking in our
> > repo into source control and adding jars to it as needed - in effect
> > mimicking what an ant build would do (everybody runs maven in offline
> > mode).
> Have you tried maintaining a repository on your network?
> >
> > Hope to see this build up & running soon.
> >
> Let me try to summarize the build issues. There are currently four
> issues with the builds that I am aware of:
> 1. Custom build for Maven-2 is breaking on the "dbpsml" profile
> 2. The Maven-1 build is failing on the seed data when using the Derby db

My issue is also on the seed data with Maven-2 and Derby. The build outputs,

     [java] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Resource path
does not denote a directory

The FileSystemXmlApplicationContext documentation states "Resource
paths are considered relative to the current VM working directory,
even if they start with a slash."

So serializer arguments should not include the baseDir.

I resolved this but the schema is not getting created. There are so
may maven properties 'skip' this and 'is' that. I'm confused.

I'll post the patch for the Serializer.


> 3. The error Michael Timony reported (I can't reproduce this one):
> /tmp/CUSTOM_PORTAL1/portal-2/etc/build.xml:489:
> java.lang.ClassCastException:
> org.apache.maven.usability.MojoFailureExceptionDiagnoser

I've seen this one. It is also related to the serializer being invoked
during the build. This is where the circular dependency is. This error
occurs when the <dependency> tag is not resolved. This means that the
build uses jars from the repository (if your lucky enough to download
them) to execute the serializer and not the local source.

> 4. The strange 'missing jars' problem described by Mikko Wuokko (I can't
> reproduce this one)

His mail mentions MojoFailureExceptionDiagnoser so I think this is the
same as #3.


> Let me know if I am missing any other issues....
> Finally, here is a little poem called "Maven, Maven Mend My Build"
> Maven, Maven, mend my build.
> Cant get it done with Mavens two.
> Maven two the users hate!
> Ant gets it done at any rate.
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