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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: MySQL fails with Maven2.. on derby execute
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 19:06:52 GMT
Philip Mark Donaghy wrote:
> Hi Mikko,
>> Can you tell if the "sql-execute-derby" target is needed for some other
>> parts?
> Yes the default build creates and populates a derby database. Which is
> a little special in that there are database locks that stick around if
> the database is not forked and shutdown properly.
> The issue is Maven 2 ant plugin. Maven Again Stricks Again ( we can
> call this phenomena a MASA :) .

Thats it! We are all suffering from chronic MASA!
Do you think we can get workmans comp from Apache?

> And I made a mistake regarding the if attribute of an Ant target.
> I just tested using the setting in build.xml,
> <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.derby.embedded" 
> value="false" />
> And as you said the target attribute if is not boolean. The task is
> executed if the property exists with any value including "" or false.
> As Ant says "It is a property and not a variable".
> So the build.xml needs conditional sub targets to prevent the target
> "sql-execute-derby" from executing.
> What you want to do as a work around is remove as you said the
> o.a.j.is.derby.embedded declaration and specify the database using the
> maven 2 property. Or write the conditional target and put a depends in
> the sql-execute-derby.
> We need to add the other missing properties so that maven can Get It,
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.mssql" value="" />
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.mysql" value="" />
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.oracle" value="" />
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.hsql" value="" />
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.postgres" 
> value="" />
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.sapdb" value="" />
>        <property name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.hsql.embedded"
> value="" />
> The alternative is rewrite the target sql-execute which actually
> execute sql for both derby and hsql databases.
> Let me look into this. Removing the property <property
> name="org.apache.jetspeed.database.is.derby.embedded" value="" /> is
> the best bet for the moment.
I've been faithfully applying patches here, but I must admit I am 
confused about this extra property.
Can't we just go with this existing well-known property:


Or is that somehow lost in the MASA phenomena?

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